Buying bushes

Hey, are bushes worth buying with golden eagles?

I am thinking about buying some of them for low tier gameplay for tanks.

Do they ever go on sale?Shall I wait for a sale or just buy a couple of them right now?

Or can they be obtained in any way without spending golden eagles?

Not worth it at all unless you are playing Realistic or Simulator - and if you are then get a bit of experience seeing how others use them before spending actual money!

You can get them for warbonds about every 2nd Battle Pass - although what you get is random.

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how exactly do i get them with warbonds?

You get warbonds through the battle pass system, and one of hte higher level random crates is for bushes every now and then - I think it is about every 2nd BP

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I would say no dont buy them.F2p players complain like hell about them and Gaijin nerfed them so they simply drop off if mg fire hits them ,no refunds were give to those who had paid for them though and Gaijin sided with those who do not pay against those who do so why pay? Secondly its possible in most maps that bushes actually highlight your vehicle rather than hide it.

One thing if you do buy bushes,the palm leaf jungle bushes obviously work in the jungle but also retain snow in the winter maps and turn white very quickly so somewhat ironically they are the best winter bushes to use.

They are absolutely worth getting if you can, especially for free, and you can apply them to any ground vehicle you own. You can get them from the warbond shop here:

As you can see from the screenshot, the crate costs 2200 warbonds, you need to have done at least 5 special tasks this battle pass, and you need to be at or above level 57 on the battle pass to unlock the shop level to be able to purchase it. You can only purchase one per warbond shop, so you will need to do it over multiple battle pass seasons to get 6 bushes to fill your decoration slots. You can level up the battle pass by doing dailies, consecutive logins and by doing the battle pass challenges, shown here:

Hope this provides some clarity on how to get them for free.

Depends on how and where you put them. They’ve been “nerfed” bc now they can be knocked off, so they used to be a better purchase.

No bushes never go on sale themselves, but you can wait until GE go on sale and save some GE that way.

The war bond shop, but it’s random like @Josephs_Piano said :)

I play Arcade and I find bushes useful in close combat - I noticed that they make some (less experienced) enemies aim at me longer, as they are trying to visually identify a good spot on the front of my tank to shoot at.

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do golden eagles ever go on sale?
i thought they never go on sale

i looked on the sales history megathread and i saw they never went on sale. I might be mistaken though…

Oh your right they don’t. I thought I saw them go on sale one time. Must have just been the vehicles I was buying. I’d still say you should get them if you play realistic or sim. They really help in longer ranges engagements