Bundeswehr Day: A Decal and Two Tanks to Celebrate!

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The first soldiers took oath to the office that formed the new armed forces of the Federal Republic of Germany on November 12th, 1955. This was on the 200th anniversary of the birth of Gerhard von Scharnhorst, who was a famous commander. Today, the German armed forces are among the 7th largest in the world in terms of funding, with more than 180,000 personnel serving!

The Pz.Sfl.Ic and the Panzer IV/70(A) are available for the Golden Eagles!

When: From November 10th (14:00 GMT) until November 13th (07:00 GMT).

Where: Germany > Army > Premium vehicles.


The Pz.Sfl.Ic is fast, maneuverable and stealthy which is ideal for reconnaissance and getting to capture points. Armed with a small but formidable 50 mm PaK38 cannon and also having decent armor protection, the Pz.Sfl.Ic is also able to destroy most enemy vehicles at its rank.

Panzer IV/70(A)

The Panzer IV/70(A) is a tank destroyer armed with a 75 mm PaK42 gun. In addition to this, it also has impressive armor penetration with its PzGr 39/42 round and boasts good armor protection too. This compact and highly accurate firing tank destroyer is ideal for long-range defensive gameplay.

Earn the “Bundeswehr Day” decal!

For this day, you’ll be able to get this decal by completing the below task.

When: From November 10th (14:00 GMT) until November 13th (07:00 GMT).

Task: Play 3 battles using German vehicles to receive the “Bundeswehr Day” decal!

Additional details:

“Bundeswehr Day”decal

  • You must use a minimum of rank III.
  • Your activity must not be below 70%.
  • You can complete the task in random battles, except for Enduring Confrontation missions, [Assault] mode and Helicopter PVE battles.
  • Track your progress in the hangar by clicking Nickname → Achievements → Holidays → Bundeswehr Day.
  • You can find the decal in the “Holidays” tab in the Customisation menu.

I wish they’d bring back the m4 748

I think they did for the 5th and 10th anniversary

I know they did for german unity day umm… i forget what year, they sold only 200 units per platform and they all sold out within a couple hours =/

This is currently broken and not giving out the full credit . Stuck at 2 of 3 missions .

You are too late :(

When: From November 10th (14:00 GMT) until November 13th (07:00 GMT).

Negative .

Started way before the Event ended .

Is gaijin going to have something for the 18th of January?

So nothing for the 18th? It is almost here

Just let them finish this decal series of imaginary made up holidays. “Bundeswehr Day” wasn’t a thing, the Canadian military day last year was entirely invented by Gaijin too, and no one in Sweden is celebrating anything about their Armed Forces this weekend either.

It’s almost like the people behind this campaign are from a country where military parades and holidays celebrating the military happen several times a year or something.

Actually it wasn’t. Armed forces day is very much a real thing in canada.

It absolutely is not. It’s a non-holiday that was put forward by a private member’s bill in 2002, and has been ignored more and more each successive year. Some air bases put their summer community picnic on that Sunday in June and the PM and GG put out the mandatory press release last year. That was it for 2023. If you don’t live on one of those bases you would never know it existed.

Here’s an example of typical reaction from serving members (from the unofficial Canadian army forum):

I’ll just be glad when the whole “armed forces day” logo thing they’re doing ends. The logos themselves look AI-generated, and the list of “military holidays” they came up with is basically the results of asking ChatGPT, “when would all the countries celebrate their militaries” and then not doing any confirmatory research.

That’s really weird. Because every base I went to did something. Also no its a real thing recognized by the government of canada.

Just go onto the canadian government’s website and you can see they do make statements for the CAF day so it is recognized and wikipedia counters your claim of it not going anywhere as and I quote:
‘It was established as a result of passing of a motion in the House of Commons on 25 April 2002.’

So uh yeah, its a real thing even if you believe its official or not.

Edit: Here is an example of CAF day celebrated last year in North Bay, Ontario

Just for the record, I’m a serving member of the Canadian military. My description above is accurate. Your counterexamples were the defence minister’s obligatory press release from last year and one of those picnics I mentioned. And as the first link from 2011 you brought up makes clear, it’s only celebrated at “Local Canadian Forces bases,” those, mostly air force, who opt in as their annual community Sunday picnic day that every base is supposed to hold at some point anyway. More power to them, but it’s hardly a “holiday” in any real sense of the word.

There are actually more military people in the Ottawa area than any other city in Canada. I challenge you to google “Ottawa” + “Armed Forces Day” under Google news and see what you get. The big day there is later in the year for the Army Run, which is held as part of Army Week, which is much more a real thing.

This year in 2024, there will be two air force bases holding an Armed Forces Day picnic/air show in June, North Bay and Borden (Comox will be doing theirs in May). Neither of them will be on the first Sunday in June. It’s really just the Sunday that’s most convenient for the locals at this point. And that’s fine, community appreciation picnics are an important part of military outreach to the communities that support them. But no one in Canada really cares which day it’s on. As I said, no one but an AI searchbot would have picked this as the day for Gaijin to commemorate Canadian military things. Cheers.

So? It doesn’t make it any less fake and the statement is specifically talking about CAF day. Not all holidays are celebrated by every one. For example I have muslim friend who doesn’t celebrate christmas. Does that mean christmas isn’t a real holiday?

You are correct. There is no fixed date for CAF day in practice. Gaijin did indeed pull it out of nowhere but since there is no fixed day weeeeeeeeeell you can’t really shit on them for that.

In conclusion I disagree that saying CAF day is a fake holiday, a better phrasing would of been to say its highly dependent on the region and service/branch and that there is no fixed date.

I think it’s interesting that you ignored my Swedish example from this week, which is even less of a real thing, or the German one last year, also largely imaginary.

This was lazy, probably AI-generated content, a bunch of identical boring logos and zero-effort “research.” Why you’re defending it after someone who’s lived in Canada since before “Armed Forces Day” existed tells you, “yeah, we don’t actually do that here, just a couple bases have a picnic once in a while,” which happens to be the truth, is baffling. The quote again, from Gaijin, “The first Sunday of June in Canada is dedicated to celebrating the country’s armed forces.” And I’m telling you, not in any real sense, no. The only thing that comes close here to a celebration of armed forces or veterans is Remembrance Day. That’s all we need. That’s all anyone in a non-militarized society should need.

Again, it shows the game’s origins, in a country where days involving taking work and school off to watch the military parade are a thing, not most Western democracies that find that sort of thing kinda tacky in this day and age.

I was only talking about the CAF day. The others can be imaginary for all I care.

Weeeeeeeeell Poland, France, and Romania have military parades every year and those are only the ones I remember off the top of my head. In fact those parades are all quite big.

That’s fine. But denying its existence is stupid even if only a few places do it. Its like a muslim saying christmas isn’t real because they don’t participate in it.

You know I agreed with you earlier right?

Actually its pretty cool celebrating serving CAF members. I went to the North Bay celebration once and kids were asking for autographs (from serving members of course). Its really nice not to mention the air display was cool as well.

So, here’s the thing.

When you do lip-service, no-thought content like this, who’s it for? It’s not for anyone who knows anything about the Canadian (or German or Swedish) military to get them to appreciate War Thunder more, cause we all look at the announcement, and go, BS, that’s not actually a thing, that’s a press release by a politician once a year that we see in our work email and delete without reading. Like the event itself, it feels like patronizing, empty tokenism, cause that’s all it is.

So all this decal series is really for is people who know nothing about Canada (or Germany, or Sweden), or their militaries or their histories and heritage. It’s fake recognition. “See, we honored you.” No you didn’t, Gaijin. You put a transparently zero effort into a lame decal series.

As consumers of War Thunder, we should be annoyed at this. They used to do real decals every month, by Fenris and others, decals that commemorated real units and real events. THAT was representation, and that was customer service. But they’ve replaced all those decals with zero-effort AI “art”, art that no one is ever going to actually put on their vehicle or value having. And people such as you who insist there is some value to this pathetic decal can only encourage them with your approval to skimp a little more, cut corners a little more.

North Bay doesn’t celebrate “Canadian Armed Forces Day,” by the way. Not anymore. Because it’s a NORAD (Canadian-US) base, they celebrate “Armed Forces Day”, to honor the soldiers of both countries at once. Have for the last ten years. But maybe you went there before that. You’re acting like I don’t know this or live it, or give out some of those autographs myself.

But that’s the point. Community outreach events have been a thing citizen militaries do for literally centuries. They had events like the one you described in the 1970s, the 1930s, and the 1870s. They didn’t need a politician looking for some personal fame to get an empty bill with no funding passed (right after 9/11, with the Afghan war just starting up, in the midst of wartime patriotism) for any of those things to happen, and nothing about them changed when it was passed. North Bay was going to have their June community picnic anyway. So yeah, that’s not a real “holiday.” That’s just PR. People can tell the difference.

If they really cared about Canada, or their Canadian customers, there are all kinds of interesting actual holidays Canadian military members of various traditions observe they could pick, that any Canadian military person could have told them have much more significance to them. Anniversary of Dieppe. Anniversary of Vimy. Anniversary of the Liberation of Holland. Army Run Day. Paardeberg Day. But nah. Much easier to just let ChatGPT tell you the wrong answer for “list the Armed Forces Days of every country” and never bother to check.

Its fine if you dislike it. I don’t.

This is were the argument has basically boiled down to personal preference at least in my eyes. And the one issue I have with this new argument (specifically the lack of energy put into the celebration of the CAF) is that at the end of the day gaijin is company with limited resources. They don’t have time to look at every single military’s history to choose the ones they should ‘feature’ that year so having it put on one day is the best course of action. There are 195 countries in the world, the massive majority of which have militaries. The resources to put in to making each country feel included would basically mean gaijin would be forced to stop development of the game itself just for decals.

I think its ok to be happy that canada actually gets representation in the game rather than none in these mini events instead of being upset that not enough effort was put into it.

There is no changing my mind on it, and it seems you have a different opinion which is totally valid. It was a pleasure conversing with you and have a good day.

No way you wrote a 6 paragraph essay because of a decal. It’s a video game not a history book. They aren’t even bad decals and I do use the German and swedish ones on some good of my tanks. These events also make some unique premium tanks available that aren’t expensive. Sure these are low effort and mabye aren’t even real but they fun little events that give you a cool decal and bring some limited time vehicles. Just stop crying and enjoy it for what it is and if you don’t then ignore it.