Bugs found with new update and some others which have yet to be addressed

A few bugs that really should be addressed sometime.

Added with the new patch Alpha Strike:
-Shooting through bushes, trees, fences, walls, (basically any micro destructible object) causes an explosion animation and sound when it contacts the object.
-Some trees now have hit boxes almost twice as wide as the tree itself causing collisions and slowing down your tank despite it looking like you missed it.

Older bugs:
-Commonly a plane will drop an invisible bomb that still does damage but the bomb whistle will persist for the entirety of the match and can be heard no matter the distance you are from the bomb.
-Very often your tank will “rubber band” while driving despite your connection and network stability, it seems to happen more often when driving over certain parts of maps so it might be a map/terain issue
-Shooting cars will stop your round completely stop/fuse APHE shells (car windows, doors, roofs cannot stop 9mm pistol cartridge for reference, i can maybe understand hitting the engine)

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