Bug with TWS?


I have had a problem when flying airplanes using TWS with the radar. This has been present since last mayor update or more. When i hover the radar cursor on a target it automatically tires to lock it but it does not do so. This means i end up not having the TWS target “track/follow” nor target lock.

After some experimentation I noticed it has something to do with my controls. In one of the updates it must have gotten disconfigured. I know this because this problem does not happen when using another controls setup I have.

Can someone please help? What could be causing this?

Yep, it was a bug… Just got fixed…

  • “A bug where the activation of the “Sight Stabilization” and “Activate target point” functions disrupted radar target tracking in the TWS mode has been fixed.”
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“Fixed” Doesn’t appear to be very fixed.