Bug with the lastest amd drivers. 24.1.1 1/11/2024

I think we have a problem here mister. Game goes into ulq because my graphics card is too old ehhh maybe it’s time to upgrade to 7900xt :( jokes aside like for real fix this issue…



Same Problem here. Was playing WT yesterday with AMD Radeon driver Version 23.11.1 without problems. Updated today to 24.1.1 (latest recommended driver for RX 6950 XT) and got the same Bug/Problem.

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same her with a RX 6700 XT and the newest whql-amd-software-adrenalin-edition-24.1.1-win10-win11-jan23-rdna driver !!!


Same here! Yesterday I updated the drivers and I have been playing without problem, 4 hours ago I could play.
I just came from work and I haven’t turned off or restarted my PC and I get the same message.
I have restarted the PC but have not reinstalled the drivers yet. I am going to try.
GPU: 7900XTX
DRIVERS: 24.1.1

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So now we wait for the game update.
Game updates.
we need new drivers…
kind of situation :]

Reinstalling won’t gonna help i clear all drivers using ddu and reinstalled freshly but it didn’t helped.

Back to version 23.12.1, it worked perfectly here

For the single game im not gonna do this process if some game can’t deal with it’s their loss we are the ones who pay their bills and keep’s it alive.

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Agree 100% ,they knew about this bug two weeks ago. .didn’t do nothing.


I reported this issue as a ticket and got told to try disabling all my startup apps.

Hilariously out of touch support, LOL.
I guess we either stop playing or roll the drivers back for now.


hey, I disabled gaijin launcher in startup apps and the problem is GONE :ddd

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Well they fixed the outdated driver bug
But now im getting this issue and its really horrible to play with
Why the hell cant gaijin just make the game run well on AMD?
For the past 5 or so months they keep having issues with AMD while everything else runs perfectly fine

Im getting the same issue as well. i thought it was my GPU Dying on me, i DDU as well and reinstalled the Driver but still getting the same thing.

@PaulEdwardXII @battl3commander @ZOMBELEK

What GPUs do you use?

RX 6400. I had zero issue before updating to 24.1.1.

Same issue here lag so badly …using 7900xt.Before new driver all perfect on max setting.

that problems came with the patch… and there is no fix yet even with todays patch… i still got it… and almost burn my eyes

it’s not the driver. It’s the game… again.