Bug with mapping the spacebar

This is issue has just started today for me, and was not a problem when the update released. I’ve noticed that keybinds that have a combination of Alt + Space stopped functioning. I checked my settings and the keybinds were fine, so I went to rebind them. Low and behold, whenever I press Alt, my space bar is no longer recognized. This is not a keyboard issue as the space bar itself is recognized (And I’ve typed out this entire paragraph). Please fix this soon Gaijin.


And i tought i had to enable permission to shoot missile

Happened to me today too, did you find a solution? Weirdly enough pressing the spacebar FIRST and then Alt while mapping seems to work for me

Interesting, No I never found a solution, it kinda resolved on its own, after one of the bug fix updates, it started working again.

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This just happned to me after newest patch. I thought my keyboard went wrong.

I don’t use alt shortcuts, so I couldn’t confirm it. Anyway, if it’s something that’s really happening, I suggest you record a video and upload it to YouTube as a private video ‘people only with the link’ and make a post about it on the gaijin Issues website. On this site I almost always had my problems resolved quickly and, sometimes, as other players appear with the same problem, they indicate a bug to solve the bug (what I call a couter bug). XD