Bug or something

You’re not alone, seems like the Matchmaking & Gameserver are under DDoS Attack again.

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Same, Impossible to connect

maybe someone’s pissed at the seemingly unfair sales and decided to DDoS attack the servers

Maybe DDos attack

gaijin said something about that or its new issue?

guys look at down detector its all spammed in reports

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I’ve got the same - only Simulator battles available. Clearly a problem their end rather than ours.

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Seems to be a new attack, started about 5-10 Minutes ago.
First i wasn’t able to connect to a new match, then the whole Matchmaking UI freaked out and no new games where shown and now the Matchmakeing UI is back but no connections being established in any gamemode.

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same, i had “Game Mode Error” then all went down from there

Just started the game and stuck in loading

yeah but still any sound from snail so maybe it be something more shitty

Is this it is gaijin pulling the plug and disappearing XD, like “thx for the money now f off”

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De momento parece que hay algunos errores de conexión, lo más probable es que haya mantenimiento o la aplicación se haya visto afectada, es posible que recibas noticias en el menor tiempo.

Naah, more like they are getting bullied by some salty rich kid/'s who bought a nice chunk of time of a big botnet and a DDoS Skript. XD

Oh nvm i think servers back

Official news from Stona > Server technical difficulties

Time for a coffebreak…

¿Después de la nueva actualización aparecen estos problemas? ¿Se copiaron sus datos confidenciales? a la que no deberíamos tener acceso

I fear for a roll back

There should be a notification when things return back to normal