Bug on the new Strv 122B+

On the Strv 122B+ the view of the commander CITV is partially blocked by a blanket.

not a bug, thats a feature xD

You sure this isn’t how it is?

Ah yes the Swedes would block the commanders view intentionally with a blanket! Brilliant idea!

Well, that is a good point, perhaps gaijin should make that piece invisible when using the commanders optic or just take it off or move it.

The Strv 122A has the same optic with the same blanket but it does not appear in the CITV

Thats definitly a bug. We should fix that one. Obviously yiu should be able to see the blanket in the A variant as well

İ dont think 122A has bug in this case.

122B+ commander sight sits too low looks like.

I saw what you did there…

Would need to check tmw. Not able to do that anymore today