Bug on OTOMATIC and M113 TOW

Immagine 2023-10-13 172129
Immagine 2023-10-13 172301

dear developers,

one of the 2 radar on OTOMATIC don’t go down when turn of.
the soldier on the M113 TOW (ITALY) it’s dressed like WWII… please give him an update :)

thanks in advice, have a nice day


the tracking radar not folding is a precise gj decision. if you try to open a bug report mr TrickZZter will come and insta marking the report as “not a bug”.

I’m wondering what it’s supposed to achieve, even noticed that the Khriz’s radar got caught up as well…

IRST is “linked” to tracking radar… (WRONG)
if they make it foldable u lose IRST that is essential to OTOMAGIC.
i’d like to know if even M247 has same issue…