[bug] mig23-mla


The MIG 23 MLA German one has a bug i cant change the IRST scope scale , and also the wings of plane crashes without reason while im flying.

that ain’t a bug

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So what is that , Also wings crashing ?

it extends range but thx to soviet engineers you already have maxed range and how did you manage to crash?

No , sometimes it works it goes up to 60km but most of the time its bugged , about the crash it happends very often while flying or dogfighting.

In the image; it looks like you’re looking at your radar, not irst. And the radars range and scanning can’t be changed, so scope scale won’t change anything while you’re on the radar and not irst.
The wings; make sure you control your throttle, use after burner stages to prevent yourself from exceeding the airframe speed limit. If they are just randomly breaking while flying, make sure you have the wing repair modification and other structural upgrades, should help a lot, just don’t pull too strong of maneuvers if the problem persists.

Im trying to change the scope scale from 30km to 60km and its not working man i think this its a bug

The radar scope scale is incapable of being changed from 30km to 60km.
Its fixed at 30km, and hardly detects anything past 20-25km anyway.

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That’s because the Mig-23’s radars (all of them) have multiple modes in the game. Nothing you have experienced on the MLA is a bug and is the same with the other Mig-23’s that have radars. To explain why it’s acting that way I need to actually explain a little about the other modes of the radar on the Mig-23’s which in truth you have 0 reason not to use. So the other modes other than the default radar mode you are using in the MLA are MTI mode, LD mode, and the IRST (which I will ignore because it is not relevant to the explanation).

The way the radar of the Mig-23 behaves on the altitude, when you switch radar modes at takeoff you have MTI mode which acts like a pulse doppler mode but isn’t actually pulse doppler and has it’s own limitations. Now the other mode being LD mode is likewise not a PD radar and when using it is very apparent as what it does is reduce ground clutter but cannot get rid of it like a PD radar does. Now the reason these two modes are important is that you cannot switch between MTI and LD mode with the push of a button as they will only switch based on how high you are from the ground as if you are high enough off the ground bellow is switches to LD mode. If you are in the alternative mode you may notice in particular that when you are in LD mode you can extend the range among other things which you cannot in MTI mode, and in particular what you have experienced of so called inconsistency is actually that in practice as if you are at an altitude where LD mode is present you can do all those things, but when you are at an altitude where you are in MTI mode you cannot.

Now I should say I am not an expert in the Mig-23 radar so I can’t tell you why it is the way it is when not in the alternative mode as have never bothered to look into the functionality IRL. I should mention I myself was not aware it was like this in the normal radar mode as I never use it since it provides no benefits over MTI or LD mode, however I was able to quickly identify it as I was aware about how it switches to LD mode and that in particular you can only change the range of it when in LD mode. Personally though for any Mig-23 it isn’t worth ever increasing the range of the radar as with the amount of altitude needed to allow that you are more vulnerable to normal radars and you cannot deal with pulse doppler radars as easily since being low makes it easier to notch a PD radar. The other reason why its not worth doing its that you will want to be in MTI mode anyways since it filters out ground clutter and if you are using the R-24R which is the best missile for the Mig-23 ML, MLA, and MLD you won’t be firing them off further than MTI mode already shows (same applies to the R-24T). As for the wings breaking I can’t really say much without more context but its possible that you pulled a certain maneuver in a certain way and speed where the wings could snap as its possible to occur even with the likes of an F-15, though if you are being literal it occurred without doing anything you are certain you haven’t pushed the aircraft to its wing rip speed?

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Tbf I highly doubt a Russian Cold War plane detecting its exact distance between itself and the ground to determine the radar mode it searches with is in any way realistic… surely there’s been bug reports on this already right?

As I said I am not knowledgeable on the radar of the Mig-23 radar IRL so I can’t say much on this matter. If I had to guess if it wasn’t though an automatic change IRL perhaps it still was necessary for the radar, and if that were the case in the end Gaijin chose to simplify the process so it does it automatically in-game. The only thing I can say about it is the way it functions in the game.

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Which is so painful… I mean hugging the ground is meta and all, but I wanna joust in down tiers, and without getting one chaffed lmao. At least staying in ACM mode keeps MTI but dang is this sad…