Buff the R3, it is just sad and ridiculous

I am sorry, but the R3 is inacceptable in its current state. I am unloading entire clips into barrels and the rounds have either zero effect or turn the barrel yellow. And at 5.7 there are many enemies that are completely unaffected by the HVAP. Even from the side or rear. This is not fair at all. For example the Panthers or Black Prince. Either give it something that has more than 13mm of angled pen or drop it in BR.

No, I do not care about it being and SPAA, if AP ammo is being offered, I want to use it.

Edit: TOG II

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The best solution is for it to be upteired, give it APDS rounds, add scouting like the R3 T106 does and perhaps buff the stab back to similar levels before it was nerfed.


yes, it could be a weaker wiesel. btw something should be changed…it can’t be left 5.7 like much better btr-zd.

it’s a light spaa/scouting vehicle, it is not meant to be able to destroy heavily armored tanks even from the side/rear

That’s not how it works in WT, and you must know that.


should move to 7.3 minimum and given APDS the fact it started so low is idiotic

weaker Wiesel? its armament is just outright better if it also has APDS, mobility is similar, and the R3 has atleast some stabilization vs the Wiesel having none. Its equivalent to or better in every way barring thermals if it gets APDS

For me at least it doesn’t need to be buffed, The R3 sits in a good position at 5.7, Great speed, Good at taking down Planes/Jets and lightly armored vehicles.

You can already overtier it manually using it in battle in pair with the other R3, and it’s the best way to use it since there are a lot of light vehicles and even MBT with less armour than the tiger2 or is3

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Interesting suggestion, but it is just an improvisation. My experience with the R3 in its current form at the current BR really isn’t good. Sure, you can Cap rush and try some Anti-Air, but it feels very hopeless against other Ground Units.

Giving it better ammo like APDS and improving the stabilizer should allow it to be uptiered and more effective, like Nicho wrote:

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Sure, this because i already suggested it. The 20mm can have that type of shells. Right now it seems that is not a priority to change because no other vehicles can take that specific BR/place. First we need at least 2 AA that can fill that place or a BR near it, then the R3 can be reworked again. I would prefer to have it as light tank with spotting ability. it would be more efficent than now as AA.