Buff the KV-85!

KV-85 came from the fact that IS-85 (IS-1) turrets were ready, but not the chassis. So designers decided to mount the IS-1 turret on KV-1S chassis.

If the turret is identical to the IS-1’s why does the KV-85’s gun have less depression?

And if the hull was based on the KV-1S , why is it 11 km/h slower foward and 4 km/h slower in reverse?

Anyone know why?

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because it’s heavier???

Jagdtiger heavier than kingtiger for 5 tons, still same speed.

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This is about 20% of speed lost my guy, the transmission was the same in both tanks yet the gear ratios differ a lot in game.

More weight means more rolling resistance => engine uses this power ΔF*v more

Another option (more likely) is they change the gear ratio to keep a similar acceleration. Without adding more gears it probably has a lower top gear ratio

Weight shouldn’t impact top speed, since WarThunder uses theoretical top speed which depends entirely on maximum RPM, sprocket radius, and gear ratios.

In short, if the KV-85 is slower, that has to be because the gear ratios are different (since neither the engine or the sprocket have changed). However, as far as I know, no such change was done in real life.

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Gun breech size while in the turret. It’s longer and further in the turret, therefore arrives to the maximum travel distance faster.

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You’re talking about the in-game representation, and the breech position should be identical. Unless you have a source disproving that

Also for anyone doubting the top speed, here’s a bug report with a primary source showing the top speed should be 42km/h (it also lists the KV-1S top speed as 43km/h showing how little the weight increase did) Community Bug Reporting System (yet still no buff after TWO YEARS)

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I’m talking about all representations, because the breech isn’t hard mounted to the turret, it had to roll back after firing a shot so you don’t hurt the crew, tank, or mounting brackets. The D-5T cannon has more power behind the shell and therefore has more travel when fired, therefore, it can’t go and low. Do you truly have a knowledge of how tank cannons work?

Ok but both the IS-1 and KV-85 use the D-5T cannon on the same turret.

If I’m not mistaken there is actually a reason why the KV-85 has poorer gun depression, but I cannot remember exactly why. It had something to do with a system that didn’t work properly I believe.

Edit: Quickly searched, according to tank archives (my bad, I don’t know why I wrote encyclopedia there) the blueprints had errors so the gun depression was limited to -3 degrees until these errors were corrected.


I was just about to respond but you added what I wanted to say there, lol. Furthermore these issues were identified early on the first few produced examples, before the KV-85 entered service, the produced tanks were also sent back and ordered to be corrected: Tank Archives: KV-85 Turret Upgrade
More in depth read over here: https://dzen.ru/a/ZZs0eZVQmy2Eg4iy unfortunately it’s in russian, but google translate does a good enough job here I think. The author uses russian archives as his sources, I strongly recommend checking it out

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Great source!

Learned a bit more, and I recon a speed buff will be pleasent.

More powerful engine.

Gaijin has blessed the KV-85 with proper top speed!