Buff AA 20

I wish they would buff those poor keyboard missiles. They are already quite hard to aim, and their damage Is clearly not realistic.

This page and this article clearly states that the real explosive mass Is 23kg and the proxy fuze is 15m.
This would actually make planes like the vautour n and mystère IVA decent and make the early grind for the super mystère and g91 so much easier. Why, gaijin, and why not;(?

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If you can compile some good sources and breakdown the problem well. Then you should submit a detailed bug report. Could actually see a change happen. No changes are likely to come from a forum post unfortunately

Had a look on the bug page and it has been reported. Not that wiki is a reliable source, but

“The AA.20’s warhead was a 23-kilogram (51 lb) blast-fragmentation type, detonated by a proximity fuze set to trigger the warhead at a distance of 15 metres (49 ft) from the target.[1]

“The game indicates the mass of the explosive. The warhead is not only an explosive, but also a body with a fuse. The mass of the explosive is always significantly less than the mass of the warhead (two times, if not more).” - Community Bug Reporting System

So its possible the mass is accurate (Unless you can find sources that state differently). As for prox fuze though, I have no idea. I couldnt see any references to it being reported previously. Though only gave it a quick glance

Same as in the game.

AA-20 has 15m proxy fuze in game.

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Warhead weight isn’t the same as explosive mass