BTR-80A should be moved to 7.7 if not 8.0

It’s been fun and all Gaijin, but why is this vehicle still at such a riddiculously low BR? It has better rounds than the Japanese Type 87 RCV, which is at 7.7.
I know it’s slower but come on, 87 km/h vs 100 km/h is not that much of a difference and I would honestly rather have additional 16 mm of penetration.

i feel like if it went up it would be better (not fighting heavys with alot of armor)

Well it is an extremely common sight in ~9.0, really makes one think why the hell it’s down at 7.3

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Well personally I can name a few, compared to the Btr-80a the RCV has a better stock belt than the Btr-80 and it has an auto right better top belt for the main gun. The RCV from what I have also played of it also despite not being stabilized is a fairly stable gun on the move. Also not to mention you really haven’t realized that top speed isn’t the biggest thing for a vehicles mobility as one thing to point out is that my Btr-80a which has a fully upgraded engine has 260 hp fully upgraded, my Type 87 which has none of that is 270 hp and the thing is only .4 tons heavier so I can only imagine if somehow if comparing that and how much they weight by comparison the Type 87 is definitely is not by comparison simply compensating being heavier but is just more powerful.

But yeah from playing both it makes sense as to why they Btr-80a is a lower br, trying to compare it to the Type 87 isn’t really fair as the Type 87 just does about everything better, the only real area the Btr is better is when protection in the sense that it has a smaller turret that is sort of like the Marder where it’s crewless though it has the gunner just in the lower part of it so it’s not a true unmanned turret, the other area it’s better is turret elevation which allows the btr to act as a AA of sorts though it’s fire rate limits it’s usefulness at times. Also if anything why would you want it to go up in br on the basis of it being good and the br of the RCV, if anything the opposite is actually better in that case because it will deal with less armor if you put it up to that br, because honestly the btr is not that fun until you get apds.

What? Id say the basic belts are pretty even, the BTR has more pen but the Type has more AP bullets. Top belt in Type is not better anyway

Dude, it’s still faster than 95% of ground vehicles it faces.

Clearly not since the BTR has better apds belt.

The point is the BTR is a similar vehicle to the Type, and even exceedes it in some aspects.

The Type 87 RCV (P) also has a stabiliser, better optic zoom, better depression, much faster gun handling speeds, and a much higher firerate to make up for having less pen.

The BTR-80A is fine at 7.3. When the stabilised BTR-82A/AT is added, they will be at a higher BR.

EDIT, and the Type 87 RCV P has commander fire control.