BTR-80A is very underrated

People often treat it as a gimmick vehicle but its speed and suprisingly lethal cannon can really put out some good work. I played around 350 battles in it and its by far my favourite vehicle. I had 5 nukes in it alone (no other vehicles) and its geniuently a lot of fun even if the playstyle takes time to get used to. I tried to uptier it to 9.0, 10.0 and even 11.7 and to my suprise it does just as well at 9.0 and 10.0 as on 7.3. On 11.7 its a little worse since most vehicles there have much better reaction times and flexibility which makes it harder to flank and abuse their weaksides. I reccomend everyone give it a try especially if you like light tanks/IFVs. Its also pretty good at grinding not beacause it gets lots of RP but because I dont really get tired after playing for a while.

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Yea i was considering grinding italy for the 7.3 wheeled shit box line up, and the BTR had reinforced that idea

I took it in the 8.0 Italy lineup, it is honestly not bad. However, this is probably more like a prop for filming cinematics than actually being used in the game since its an APC after all.