BT-3F-based Tank Destroyer

A new vehicle that made its debut on the 11th, a tank destroyer based on the BT-3F featuring cage armor and a dual Kornet-E ATGM launcher that’s devastating to modern vehicles.



This looks very interesting, kinda like a Khrizantema-S.

Other pictures from the Army-2023 exhibition.

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What is this thing officially called? The BT-3F Kornet-E?

I’m unsure, but if I were to name it, I’d go with that. The Russian government gazette just calls it ’ БТ-3Ф с ПТУР и дополнительной защитой’ or ‘BT-3F with ATGM and additional protection’, no clear name from what I can tell.

Here’s two interior shots from the rear part seen in the last picture as well.

Cool, would be suitable in 10.7 br. But we need mroe information on this vehicle.