Browning Colt Mk12 terribly uselessified after realshatter update, A5C's single 23mm shell doing more damage than a second of four colt mk12s on a tinfoil mig21

This is not “waaa murica suffers” post. The F8E is a cracked aircraft that if it weren’t for the poor damage output of the guns, would crush half a lobby with the cannons only. However the cannons have worse damage every day. I’ve managed to stall phantoms out in front of me and get just a “Hit” point blank after shooting at them for over two seconds. I’ve had it totally impossible to kill drakens and su25’s. I just can’t fathom how an a5c’s 23mm shell does so much more to a plane that can withstand NR30s and go back to base, than four 20mm bombarding 4000 shells per minute on the a5c itself. When realshatter is real HEI is the best, but when realshatter is gone HEI does nothing.

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Su-25s are made of stalinium. HE doesnt work, try AP rounds. (Seen more than a few survive bursts from a 30mm ADEN)

unironically su25’s are the least likely to survive a good bunch of mk12. Besides the fact they’re basically helpless once they ran out of missiles. I have found much more trouble shooting down A5C and j35s even with the vulcan which only needs a couple of shells to completely disintegrate a plane as if it were a 30mm railgun.