British Weapon Systems - Technical data and discussion

The challenger 2 is the most armoured MBT… in the WORLD!.. Source ? Jeremy Clarkson. plez fix Gaijin XD

In general you can look at the straight sided shape of the bombs even with the old tail kit plus the fact they have suspension lugs on both sides, and see they’re MC 500lbers, not the teardrop-shaped GP

AFAIK the ingame 500lber that equips early-post-war jets like the Attacker is modelled with a finned tail unit though (like the modern 540lber has)
Closest I’ve seen to that is one on the ground next to a sea hawk
Visible on the ground on the right good enough for one with the post-war tail?

That said, there’s pics of Wyverns in Suez with 1000lb-ers having finned tail units, so might be appropriate

Ed:- added some pics of the Wyverns carrying 1000lb bombs with No.114 type tails


It isn’t just the Sea Hawk though.

Ignore the Wyvern. I removed it.

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Just reading “RAF Harrier, Ground Attack, Falklands” by Jerry Pook.

Interesting to read that Harrier GR.3s were fitted with 9L’s during the conflict (with pic, will upload later)

Didn’t realise the GR.3s were cleared for 9L use.

Makes sense sea harrier is very similar airframe

It was war, paper work becomes less important

“Cleared” in this case means probably just that launch rails were filed down to make the 9Ls fit as they did on the Shar.


The caption “Pretty boring stuff” XD

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Harrier GR3 (l) confirmed.


We could get the Gr.3 early with no flares and no missiles. does 8.7 seem fair?

isnt that just the Gr1 but with RWR? No CMs, barely usable missiles but still 9.3

Even bad missiles are missiles. I’d say 9.0 then. I assume that if buddy lasing was a thing the Gr.3 would be much higher than it is now.

Speaking of laser guided bombs why couldn’t the Jaguar Gr.1A carry the 2000lb bomb on the wings?

IIRC it was mentioned on the forum that there is something in the AP about Jaguar’s flight characteristics being very to susceptible to asymmetric wing loads having a negative impact on the aircraft. And an advised limit on how much weight difference was allowable.
If that’s the case, releasing one Enhanced Paveway III and having a sudden 1130kg (~2500lb) asymmetry would be a good example of what a pilot should avoid.

In terms of how EPW III was used by the RAF (remembering that IRL only the bunker-penetrating BLU-109 version was in inventory, not the Mk.84 conventional warhead), it’s unlikely there were any scenarios where Jaguar would be simultaneously releasing a pair of EPW IIIs. So single carry and release from the centreline would be the only safe way to employ the weapon.


Right. I was just wondering considering that the inner pylons have a 2000lb overload. Anything about 1000lb GBU’s on the outer pylons? Even just more GBU’s in general?


Hawk is capable of using SRAAM.


Now that would be fun. We need more SRAAM carriers, its a shame they are kinda niche at the moment

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ability to actual fly should be the minimum

F-16AJ 🌚

Now that would be fun. We need more SRAAM carriers, its a shame they are kinda niche at the moment

The SRAAM is cool and all but the range and stability needs to be fixed, getting within 1km to launch a inaccurate missile isn’t enjoyable.

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Well that could be very goofy