British Vehicles in game currently that should have the ESS modification

Hi guys, currently in game there are quite a few British vehicles that should have the ESS module. They are as follows: Cromwell V (RP-3), Black Prince, Churchill VII, Comet I, Comet I “Iron Duke”, Churchill Crocodile, Challenger, Sherman Firefly, Avenger, Crusader AA MK II, Crusader AA MK I, Crusader MK III, Cromwell V, Archer and the Valentine MK XI. The reason they should have the modification is that they are all fitted with the British rear smoke dischargers, which once electronically ignited by the driver project a smoke trail in just the same manner as ESS for about a minute and a half, please find affixed additional documentation:

photo showing dischargers in use
usage of smoke dischargers 1
usage of smoke dischargers 2

For the vehicles individual bug reports please have a gander here:

Cromwell V (RP-3): // Issues
Black Prince: // Issues
Churchill VII: // Issues
Comet I : // Issues
Comet I “Iron Duke”: // Issues
Churchill Crocodile: // Issues
Challenger: // Issues
Sherman Firefly: // Issues
Avenger: // Issues
Crusader AA MK II: // Issues
Crusader AA MK I: // Issues
Crusader MK III: // Issues
Cromwell MK V: // Issues
Archer: // Issues
Valentine MK XI: // Issues


covers for the smoke dischargers for future possible bug reports