British SAM options?

Just curious what potential SAM options Britain can even get for around 10.0-11.7? (stormer sucks and the ADATS has AT spawn cost) as far as I know It is basically only the tracked rapier.

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There’s rapier, but there’s also stormer air defence/25.

25mm Gatling gun and stinger missiles.

It’s perfect for plugging the British spaa gap. We have the chassis, the gun, the ammo and the missiles already in game, all we need is a new turret.

The Starstreak does desperately need fixing though.


My problem with Rapier is tracked Rapier iirc was withdrawn before later versions of the missile were introduced. My real fear is we get stuck with one without a proxy fuse and then Tracked Rapier, which will be less mobile than the stormer, gets done over.

I suspect it would also suffer from the same issue as the star streak, especially if it doesn’t have the proxy fuse like you say.

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It would appear the Rapier Mk1E, with a proximity fuse, testing and production took place in 1988-1989. Given Tracked Rapier saw service in the First Gulf War, it would be possible to fit this to Tracked Rapier.

What would be far better is the towed versions, with Blindfire radar, Mk2 missile, and FSC.

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There’s the warrior Verdi 2 also.

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