British (potentially other nations as well) APFSDS damage post update

I decided to try out a bit of british 8.7 ground RB today (I’m not sure why either) and have noticed that the APFSDS round on at least the Sho’t Kal Dalet and Rooikat Mk.1D are doing zero post pen damage, without exaggerating, neither round is spalling at all, the damage will only occur in the direct flight path of the dart, I’m all for decreasing post-pen capabilities of dart rounds to necessitate skill in top tier rather than point and click, but playing my russian lineup, the dart rounds there seem completely unaffected, and being the only tank on the battlefield with zero spalling is awful, i have got around ~40 hits in the last 3 games from the Rooikat, ~6 critical hits, ~10 kill assists and my only kill was an unlucky M8 LAC that caught the round in its ammo, id say roughly 50 % of these shots are centre mass or direct to the turret (im only including penetrating hits)

I can attach video evidence if necessary to back this statement up, just wondering if im missing something, as the APDS on the chieftan seems to be functioning fine, its just dart rounds that appear to be affected, I’m hoping that this is just a bug thats’s come along with the new spall calculating program but not sure

Any advice or information would be greatly appreciated, thanks guys

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