British high tier Squadron tank options / Petition to NOT add T-90S to Britain

I’d want the MiG-21 Bison to be added for Britain, Russia could easily get their equivalent being the MiG-21-93 so stop coping and add both instead of separating them.


I feel like everyone is just here to kill the enjoyment of Britain, I literally had to grind China, Israel, Italy and Russia to find enjoyment and Britain brings absolutely nothing to the table breh.

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As a britain main, i strongly disagree. “Fixing” britain by adding soviet vehicles to it just ruins the tree. Id rather they fix the vehicles weve got and add any of the dozens of native options still left to be added


Well it appears as Gaijin will just go down that route anyways so best we can do is complain.


From what I’ve seen padding the UK with Commonweath things has harmed both groups involved.


But I feel very happy when T-90S is confirmed to be added to British tech tree.
another Gaming experience at BR 10.3

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When they inevitably add the Su-30MKI to the British line, I’m going to be mad for like an entire day and not play the game out of protest. I wish I didn’t like this game so much. I wish DCS had a full Su-30 addition, I wish GHPC had more Warsaw Pact/USSR/RuAF vehicles. Lol.

And I’d probably do the same as a British, Britain main, because it probably meant we didnt get something like the Typhoon

I will likely finally grind UK tree, maybe we suffer together?

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Yeah nice addition will 100% use it in my 11.7 lineup (don’t ask why)!

Heck, I’ve seen enough stuff to replace every non-British stuff in its tech tree twice over.

On top of that with the exception of New Zealand(but they are normally with Australia anyways), every Dommion has enough stuff to have their own trees.

Having the Bhishma at 10.3 is pretty awesome though to compliment the Challenger mk3. Even though its ufp is overperforming by 100mm LOS like the rest of the T72B and T-80U hulls

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TBH, I’ve been having fun in it. Even before I got the Mango round, with stock HEAT-FS, it was pretty good. AS stated, goes well with the CR MK.3, DS & 10.3 SHar.

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You, already got enough squad RP to unlock it!? or did you spend GE?

GE’d that bad boy.

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Why!? Is it a squad vehicle you could get it almost free just have to wait a bit.

Hey @Gunjob, I noticed that the Bhishma standard camo, which is visually a desert camo is listed as forest when it clearly is not. Is it possible to have this changed to be reflected in game?

Some people can’t wait and this includes me lol.