British high tier Squadron tank options / Petition to NOT add T-90S to Britain

HMS Liverpool is also decent, i enjoyed spading it a week or so ago, but i would have prefered something like the aim or canadian leo 2, you know something that will actually play differently to the challys

Yeah, Woops I meant the Liverpool. :D The town-class SQV. But yeah, I concur, those could have been an interesting addition to a top tier line up

Instead we are given another vehicle that has all the problems the chally has, with the addition of no reverse and worse gun depression XD

we know there is no rule about vehicles being in multiple nations, looks over at the t-80u or the hind, so there is no excuse about repetition

Yeah… Though someone pointed out that Bitching betty may also come with CM overhaul. That would buff the Tornado Gr1 massively and maybe MAWS for the Gr7. So we might get buffs elsewhere. But you never know.

But yeah, lack of vehicle is just proof we arent wanted in game anymore

Especially when compared to sweden and china. Which is odd as i assume gaijin went full in with SA and is now mardy that no one plays them bar like 1 or 2 vehicles

Yeah… They were a swing and a miss, and they’ve been left with egg on their faces

It was a swing and a miss you could see from space though which is why its so funny they committed to it. As proved previously everything they have added has a direct brit equivielnt, and normally several on par or better

Yeah, common sense would have seen SA failing for Britain, but oh well, whats done is done, Hopefully theyll learn from it and do better in the future

Looks at T-90


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I think if anything it hints we have no tech tree coordinator as Tirek was enquiring about, as if anything it looks like gaijin has been in a weird holding pattern with the uk tech tree, hence just picking the random SA vehicles and then more challys as nothing is being suggested for them

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I think Britain is on pause until 13s. When we might see Typhoon or Chally 3. Anything else is unlikely

Which is a shame, as we have literally hundred if not thosands of vehicles, that would either be meta, strengthen existing lineups or just be interesting to play

Yeah, I dont want something OP, I know the Typhoon , even blindfolded and restrained would be OP. But I just want something fun in top tier. Tornado F3 is about as fun as watching paint dry at the moment

Least the germans will experiance what its like to have something added to another tree they wont get, looks at that hungarian lynx



not like its cathartic, just interested to see how they react with the shoe on the other foot

Hehe, yeah, I see some salt being thrown.

Indeed, but i would rather just have gotten the vehicles we are missing, now we are both in a hole and its not a nice feeling

ah yes because the swedish leopards didnt do that to us yet while we were sitting there without equivalent since god knows how long watching while they got our 2A6 as well

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Its just cathartic after seeing so many wheraboos saying britian didnt need that hunter. Though i expect a similar convo to repeat with the gnat this patch


i dont even mind it to much because the Puma and Lynx are very very similar, the problem is that the Puma model is very broken that makes us go bonkers, that if the KF 41 is modelled correctly will be way stronger then the Puma.
Besides that the fact italy got the freccia with spikes last update and now will get another IFV with spikes this update is an insult to every nation lacking light tanks in general not even mentioning the fire and forget missle aspect.
The only hope i have from the KF 41 is that they hopefuly will fix the AHEAD ammunition with this

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