British Commonwealth Subtree

With the Indian T-90 being introduced this next major update it opens the gate for more Commonwealth vehicles to be added in a subtree.

countries that could be included in this subtree contain:
Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Pakistan, India and Singapore to name a few

this could potentially mean Britain could finally be competitive with vehicles like the:
Australian Abrams, Canadian Leo2A4, Singapore Leo2SG, Pakistani VT-4 and the Indian Arjun, New Zealand Bob Semple tank

this would also mean some vehicles could move trees
like the Canadian LeoC2A1, Class 3 (P), Australian Abrams.


I think this is something that should have been done before they added the indian T-90. India is no longer a member of the commonwealth and left in the 1950’s or something like that. The T-90 was not a thing then. They should have done current members of the commonwealth first just do to the fact most of the stuff that will get added if a subtree was made will be more modern so I think it just makes stuff of having the things added that were used whilst said country was in the commonwealth to begin with.

I think there should be a full subtree “Countries of the Commonwealth” Australia, Canada and New Zealand (If they have anything worth adding, the rest of the other current countries are small and honestly dont have much).

I think it would be dope honestly because we would get things like the 2A4M, 2A6M so it wouldnt just be a full copy paste of the german leopards they would have some minor changes.

I dont think the 2SG should come until later. I think all Current members of the commonwealth should be the main project and later on down the line they could add former.

The other thing with adding a subtree that includes the commonwealth countries means it would include new things aswell like the Boxer CRV, ASLAV, Coyote and anything else that might be cool.

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India re-joined the British commonwealth

those things could also go to germany, concerning the leopards and the boxer. These could fill the line after the leopard 2k

I live by this rule for Commonwealth vehicles:

  • Unique vehicles go into the British tree.
  • Imported vehicles with little modifications go into their origin nations tree.

That means vehicles like the Ram, Wolf, Rhino, etc would go into the British tree. However, vehicles like the Australian Abrams and Canadian Leopard would go into the US and German trees.

I’d also add another rule for vehicles that were built for the British Commonwealth during WW2:

  • If the British fielded it, then it goes in the British tree.
  • If the British didn’t field it, it goes into the origin nations tree.

So that means something like the T18E2 would go into the British tree, but the T14 would stay in the US tree. It also means that when the T17 Staghound comes it would go into the British tree, but things like the T17E3 and Deerhound would go into the US tree. Even the T18E2 with the 37mm could go into the US tree, as the British didn’t field the prototype they only fielded the production model.


Australian Abrams are already in the game for the American tree.

We don’t need the whole commonwealth its like 1/3 of the world
Only Canada and maybe Australia

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CANZUK tree pls not commonwealth
or CANZAC tree if combined Can, Aus, NZ and GB too much

P.S. Indian T-80 should never have been added to GB tree

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That’s not a subtree, that’s 8.
That’s like Germany getting a central Europe subtree or the US getting a LatAm subtree
You can’t just claim the best vehicles of a dozen nations, that’s not how it works. Pick one or two (and Britain already has one) nation and you get everything they operated. Otherwise there’s no point in even having trees because every tree will be whatever good vehicles a dozen nations have used.