British (and commonwealth) Light tank Chat

Because we need something other than big wheeled vehicles.

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People have been asking for years, there are several warriors we could have in game already. And that’s just the surface.

For the past several years it’s been light tanks for only the major nations (and Sweden.) It’s pretty ridiculous now, And we are gonna get drip fed the light tanks we could get so maybe in 10+ years we will have our light tanks.

Just look at France If you want a real slap in the face, There only IFV is a prem cause they’re afraid of adding stuff to France since the players are better


Yeah desert warrior would have fitted in perfectly ages ago.

That should of came YEARS ago when the Bradly got added, But hey Ho SA was chosen instead of just adding light tanks like people asked for. SA is great and all but god dam.

I’ve been looking forward to the Warrior DRV

Gimme scimitar so i can live out my fantasies of scouting soviet armor moving through the fulda gap.

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Not allowed since it would be the fastest tank in game and That’s not allowed

The south africa line is just an excuse for GJN. There is a massive hole in the tech tree that the Desert Warrior/others could have gone into lol.

Nope, here’s another Challenger with playdough armour. Have fun.


I don’t see why they wanna add so many chally 2s ?


There are so many holes that we could fill, or line ups that could be better with support tanks. But nope USSR needs a new BTR

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That looks suspiciously like a bradley?

Yeah what is that

CTAS Bradley
it was to test the turret that later went to be tested on the Warrior and then end up on the Ajax

So a Bradley in the UK tree ?

is was joint effort so it could go to one or the other

Ahhhh I’'ll have to do some reading since i didn’t know it was tested on a Bradley before hand

Yeah all i know was the Americans were involved at the start but then later left and Bradley did get the turret

I woudlve never thought thats ajax turret.

Why not, albeit I think UK TT should feature primarily vehicles from UK and subtrees whenever possible, and seeing as it would fill the same role as Warriors and eventually Ajax, just with US hull…

Maybe as event reward?

well it later became it so the Bradley has a very early turret when Ajax has a later turret

Nah, it’s a standard Bradley turret refitted with the CT40 gun. The US was interested in CT40 in the 1990s and did trials with it in 1999 installed in a regular Bradley turret as pictured there.

Lockheed’s original CT40 Warrior turret was going to be made by modifying the existing Warrior turret: Cutting the front off with a water-jet, installing the new gun and mantle on an extension on the front, and running the ammo feed around the outside of the remaining Warrior turret shell. The Lockheed prototype wasn’t built until 2002.

Around the time of being awarded the WCSP contract in 2010/2011, it was decided to make an entirely new turret with a new citadel manufactured by Rheinmetall instead of recycling WR turrets, and General Dynamics chose to approach Lockheed to produce the turret for Ajax based on this design.

BAE and Nexter had a few CT40 turrets designed before the Lockheed Warrior/Ajax turret, but that’s not the one that was fitted on Bradley either.

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so its only the gun ok

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