British aircraft bugs/problems

The Shackleton seems to drop it’s bombs through its fuselage.
I see it happen when i switch from bomb view to 3rd person. I can literally see the bombs fall through the top of the fuselage.
This has been the case for a looong time.

The Seafire mk XVII has problem also with its payload.
It can carry either 2x 250lbs or 3 x 250lbs or 2 x 250lbs + 1 x 500lbs.

Yet you cannot carry a single 500 lber?

If there is a more suitable place to post this, feel free to let me know.

Im guessing this is just a “placeholder” issue till it gets custom loadouts, which are slowly rolling out to more airframes. Im guessing it will be fixed when it comes to the Seafire. But might be a while

Grab a screenshot of it doing this and then create a bug report over on

Include steps to reproduce as well, something like:

  1. enter test flight with shackleton
  2. angle camera to view X
  3. drop bombs
  4. observe bombs falling through part X
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