Britain Literally Cannot Counter 11.0-11.3 planes

Title says it all.

at 11.3 (where most of our challenger 2s are), Britain quite literally has no counter to CAS like the SU-25s with their 10km+ AGMs. Our only option is the Stormer, an already heavily uptiered 10.3 AA that only has 7km range (ironically, much of the helis it faces can hit it from 10km so it’s mostly useless). That is to say nothing of how awkward it is to use.

For arguments sake, if you do go to 11.7, Britain’s ADATS is weaker with no backup autocannon, and now you will see 12.7 planes that just makes it all worse.

Britain has no counter to CAS around this BR bracket. If you want to avoid 12.7 plane spam and play all the 11.3 vehicles, Britain simply gets annihilated. We have no counter and thus there is entire lineups being rendered unusable as more and more people realize how overpowered long-range AGMs are.


No good fighters either. Your first acceptable option is the GR.7 at 11.7.

Stormer HVM is possibly the laziest modelling GJN have done, which is saying something.


Yup and that assumes you can even get past the Strela spam to go catch an SU-25 that is throwing AGMs at everybody.

Laughs in Chapparal for Israel that’s meant to also be the top tier SPAA

Get used to it. The only real counterplay is to run a Tornado F.3 or a Phantom and try and shoot down said Su-25.

Good luck doing that however.

It’s somewhat the same at 10.3 in my experience, except the Stormer actually somewhat works (it’s not easy but it’s achievable to shoot down a Su-25)

And the lack of viable fighter jets for the UK around that BR make it so much worse.

I think the real issue is that spaa even at the end of the line struggle to deal with CAS, even the pantsir and tor struggle, just less than everyone else. We need an spaa focused update cause rn i domt bother pulling sams when a figjter is much better suited for dealing with 20km flying pests.

adats is probably better than the shitrakflakshitbuswagen

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No i wish but its only better at ground

It’s a real shame the Gr7 got 9Ms. It would have made a better 11.3 for Britain and then had the Gr9A at 12.0 with 9Ms, HMD and better engine

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I had a hunch that british tech tree in researchable no attack aircraft 11.0 ~ 11.3 BR but could have attack aircraft 10.3 ~ 10.7 BR

Its because we went from the tornado straight to the typhoon. we jumped 30 years so balancing is really challenging

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Yes and no.

We are currently missing

  • Harrier Gr5
  • Harrier Gr9A (or Gr7A or Gr9)
  • Jaguar Gr3A
  • Tornado Gr4
  • BAE Hawk (All of them)

The Harrier Gr5 I think would make an ideal 11.3 Premium. The Gr7 should have remained with 9Ls and gone down to 11.3. Gr9 or ideally Gr9A could then have been added with 9Ms and better A2G loadout options for the 11.7/12.0. Tornado Gr4 adds some decent QoL upgrades even without Brimstones (A decent 11.7 I reckon) but with Brimstones would make a really strong 12.3/12.7 CAS. Jaguar Gr3A would also be a decent upgrade, likely 9Ls with HMD and much better engines over the Gr1A, that would likely be 11.0. Both the Tornado Gr4 and Jaguar Gr3A could also be equipped with ASRAAM, though theyd obviously be a lot higher, but would have decent teeth to defend themselves.

But the main missing aircraft is the BAE Hawk. It could fill a range of BRs depending on loadout. Im hoping for one about 11.0 with 9Ls and Skyflash. Would make an ideal little sub-sonic dogfighter that would help bridge the gap between the Sea Harrier FRS1 and the Phantom/Tornados. Would also have half decent multirole payload as well.

(and thats without even mentioning the Buffs the Phantom FGR2/FG1, Tornado Gr1 or Tornado F3 could and should get)

So there are certainly ways of bodging the TT to give us some alternatives at and around 11.0-11.3 and higher. Then when you add CW into the mix as well, there are plenty of options


The issue is that SPAA just ain’t it. No single-vehicle SPAA in the world can counter aircraft allowed to fly around unopposed.


Unfortunately gaijin doesnt seem to care regardless

Care about what? Newer aircraft are 100% coming, they bring in a lot of revenue. Ground RB needs to change instead.

If gaijin really cared about ground rb and how dominant CAS is they would give us a ground only mode or at least try to balance CAS.


I mean the one real way we could give Ground RB a way to go is give teams a decent SAM battery, so that CAS players have to think twice before they space bar their way to victory by spamming Kh-38s at some poor Battle tank who probably doesnt even know that the aircraft is there

Towed or multiple vehicle arrays are going to have to start being a thing for that to happen

But Air mains will always have a counter, so long as Gaijin consider the possibility of Anti Radiation Missiles.

I already wrote a pretty long post in another thread with many suggestions, so I shall simply link here here and you can be the judge instead of creating another text wall.

CAS can be balanced, but as you said it can’t be a button pressing minigame. We’re gonna have to have other factors involved aside from adding better SPAA because aircraft can easily out-range any SPAA system in existence, and I don’t see stationary systems being useful or playable.

Multi vehicle systems will be very awkward and I don’t think they’ll be… satisfactory, from a gameplay perspective. They also require setting up shop in one place more often than not.


Tracked Rapier 2000 would be better then ADATs , or they could fix the HVM or both.

But yeah… need more people play CAP

Hey I’d be more than happy to run CAP at 11.3 GRB… if the spawns weren’t such that I basically am trying to setup a BVR shot in a Fishtank. Right now the maps are just too small for me to do the job effectively.