Britain Air Forces

Nah Shar is an okay aircraft, my dislike of it extends solely to the fact that its subsonic and a pain in the ass to use VIFF on controller, even more so than with swing-wings which I’ve got the hang of quite well.

I primarily enjoy the thrill of the fight which is something pretty suicidal for me in a harrier…

Ah, yeah, Dual Thottle HOTAS makes VIFF a piece of cake.

Yeah, I defo think we NEED something a little more… “aggresive” in our line up. Just dont think we need more than 1.

My personal timeline for additions is:

Sea Harrier FA2 (With possibly Tornado F3 [Late] )

I think Sea Harrier as it would be the ideal candiate for an early ARH adopter and so much work has been done recently on the FRS1 that it just makes sense. Also last chance really for the FA2 to come unless it comes in a few years as a filler, premium or SQV.


F-18 or Gripen.

This I think really depends on what gets added to other trees and when. But Im thinking a delay similar to the Mig-29s for Germany.


Harrier Gr9A (with or without Brimstone) or Typhoon


Typhoon (if it didnt come in June)


Tornado Gr4 (with ASRAAM and Brimstone)

(I think 2024 will be about Gen 5 IR set up. With it being tuned via long range missiles like the R-27ET and MICA IR ready for ASRAAM, IRIS-T, etc)

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I’m thinking moreso along the lines of

December: nothing, fuck you Brit boy

March: Su-27 and F-15C comes with their respective FOX-3 missiles.

June: F-18 comes to the USA

September / October: Su-47 comes to Russia with prototype 700g IR missiles.

December: the Stormer gets nerfed (again)

March: The F-22 and Su-57 comes for the USA/Rus
Tornado CSP comes for the UK with AIM-9L’s at 15.0


Let me reassure you, the discussion about F-15 isn’t grounded in any facts, it’s just as speculative as F/A-18 is. The truth is, we have no idea what is coming.

For all we know, it could be another Harrier.

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Wouldnt be unlike gaijin to go back on their promise for a new top tier for Britain


It was clearly a joke

Yeah, but based upon the last year. An entirely possible sequence of events

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Didn’t smin deny a upgrade and it would just be a new aircraft in the TT

I have no idea, but thats what I meant/what I’d expect. a Tornado F3 (upgraded) for the TT.

Not that I recall, if i’d have known i’d have some (marginal) hope for this update. I honestly don’t think they’ll cuck us that badly by giving us something as wholly uncompetitive, but no promises…

He denied for that specific patch, not for the future. But seeing as the F.3 is one of the best 11.3s maybe a new F.3 would be better.

You underestimate how spiteful the devs can be.

Here’s my 2 cents.

It’s ether gonna be another tornado that will finally have 9-M’s and maybe MAYBE a missile carrying upgrade. Oh but it’s gonna be more floaty than the jaguar with its FM because they “broke it”

As suggested before. A harrier with SARH’s.

Or and I doubt this entirely because again fuck British players. They jebated us and it is the EAP

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A small… Tiny part of me, thinks the anti-Typhoon stance they have taken recently is just to temper expectations and that the Typhoon is coming. The more its discussed. the more details considered. The less I think it would be so totally overwhelming, especially in a nerfed/prototype state. It could come this december without issue.

its extremely unlikely, but I think it should be left on the table. (and if F-15 and Su-27 do come, then it 100% could come March without fail)

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Same here. Unfortunately and this is the realist in me talking.

Because they seem to want to just make sure the UK get the worst version of anything added in and will drag their feet on adding or fixing things to the UK

It’s probably going to be option 2.

As much as the lover of the weird and wonderful British aviation would love to have it this update I just don’t see it happening. I want to be wrong but. I doubt I am.

We just aren’t the Russians and therefore must suffer. We can’t have nice things.

Hell I think the last time Britain was competitive was back when 9.0 was top tier and it was Hunters. Migs and Cl 13’s all fighting for that top spot.

and briefly when SARH was new with the PD radar on the Phantoms, but then we were left with that for 3 years.

yeah, my personal theory is this:

Im guessing Sea Harrier FA2. If ARH only comes to a few things, then it could be quite a fun underdog, but will need to be replaced or augmented quite quickly

Possible and it definitely would be within gashoobles mo to give the new missile to the aircraft that doesn’t fucking need it.

(Still miffed about the F.3 getting snubbed it’s 9-M’s hell I went and got the report pdf that explained they did carry them)

And I’m all for new Harrier’s. I love my funny little VTOL. But if it’s another Harrier and just that. I’m going to be rather disappointed.

My personal hope of within realistic boundaries is hoping for a tornado upgrade. Whichever was it’s last upgrade package.

That I think is a matter of BR. No way they’d allow 4x Aim-9M on a supersonic platform at 11.3 and no way the F3 would survive any higher than 11.3 without AMRAAM.

It would be good, but 0 chance of ASRAAM i reckon, so will still have major vulnerabilities. Also no guarantee we’d get Aim-120C5s. Aim-120Bs are far more likely.

Im hoping the Tornado Gr1 will get some much needed love at the same time. ARH would require certain overhauls at the same time and there has been evidence for ECM and CM overhauls of late. So Tornado Gr1 upgraded with:

  • ECM
  • Its full Chaff count and the recently discovered BOL rails
  • and maybe something else, like cluster bombs (gunna have to come eventually)

could give us practically a whole new aircraft on its own.

Honestly wouldn’t mind the GR.1 getting some indeed much needed attention.

I don’t have it personally. Currently on my harrier grind for the orbital missile platform it is.

But us getting nice things is one thing I would not say no to. Hell the tornadoes getting their ECM stuff would be fun. in-of-itself. I can’t say I’m familiar with the specifics I’m more into the engineering side of things and other little tidbits like that.

For example did you know that the tailfin fuel tank on the tornado was pumped with Nitrogen as it drained to prevent fires. Or at least that’s what my old instructor told me a bloke who’d worked on phantoms. Jaguars and tornados in RAF service.

I did not know that, but It does make sense.

The Tornado Gr1 is such a shame at the moment. It has such potential and when employed right (like you can in SB) is actually very good. But the entire time you fly it, it feels… empty. Like its missing something and it is, a LOT. The aircraft is barely half finished and that is all you can feel when flying it.

A completed Tornado Gr1 would be fantastic. (especially if it was upgraded to the Tornado Gr1B so it could have Sea Eagles as well)

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Sea Eagles would be amazing. Mainly because I could just throw them at a tank and see what happens.

As someone who plays a lot of RB and is rather frond of the Scimitar in my appropriate lineups. Nothing is more satisfying than providing same day shipping to god in the form of a large missile.