Bristol Beaufort - risk a BR raise for bigger and better real life bomb loads?

The Beaufort is Tier 1 BR 1.3/1.7. Performance is mediocre and biggest bomb load is a Torpedo or 2x 500lb. It’s no wonder it’s foldered with the Blenheim. Fancy a boost?

How about 250lb wing bombs?..

Single 2000lb? (Aussie plane, US bomb?)

1000lb? info found so far buy I assume it could be added as a path to the 2k.

(There is already a bug report for a Mk. XV torpedo upgrade)

  • The Beaufort was also the first British plane to drop a 2000lb during, but there is no RAF version in game.

But doubling the bomb load and adding a new biggie comes with risk, BR may go up. On the plus side it might be worth revisiting the type.

Decisions, decisions…

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Hopefully… Increasing bomb load would only increase it in GRB now, and not ARB. Though I do wish they took emphasis away from bomb load and instead put more emphasis on the aircraft.