Bristol Beaufort - missing bombloads

Tried to create a bug report for the missing loadout for the Beaufort, unfortunately when trying to ‘create" it throws me a "unable to save’ with a ridiculously long error code. [there is also an existing report for the Mk. XV torpedo, Gaijin really sells the Beaufort short on ability!]

However, for your reading pleasure and should I ever be bothered to return for a retry here is the basic text so I can just cut & paste in true WT style…

Currently the Mk. VIII is limited to 2x 500lbs but it should be able to take more and larger loads.

A bombload of 2000lb is noted in BAEs site on the type -

This 2000lb is also discussed here, including the Beauforts role in dropping the first of the type for the RAF - Beaufort with 2,000lb bomb. | Aircraft of World War II - Forums

And also here - Asisbiz Bristol Beaufort

  • Extract - "As an alternative to the torpedo the Beaufort could carry a 2,000 lb (910 kg) bomb using a purpose built carrier. On one of its first bombing operations, on 7 May 1940, a Beaufort dropped the first British 2,000 lb (910 kg) bomb, aiming at a German cruiser anchored off Norderney.[11] "

Different types of 2000lb were available their use primarily, but not exclusively, being related to availability in the European or Pacific theatre. Both the British and US types are already present in game.

Pic of an Australian aircraft being loaded with a US bomb. An adaptor was used due to the different lugs, and the greater diameter resulted in a semi-recessed carriaged.

-Wing bombs

Rarely used, especially in the maritime roles, but here is a pic of being loades


Make a bug report/historical report on it :)

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Read past the title and on to the very first line!

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Try again ;)

Literally 2nd paragraph.

I believe the error occurs when trying to send the report with too many screenshots attached. Also, remember which types of sources are accepted for historical issues.

The Beaufort manuals are long unclassified, you can buy a hard copy. As for pics I use places like IWM where possible as they should know what can be published.

To cover ownership issues if in doubt I generally post links to original pictures, not the pictures themselves, ensuring where possible an authorised source is credited. The bug report system actually enforces this by being text only. It’s up to the devs to decide if they are usable or not.

Iirc there were 6 screen shots for supporting diagrams etc. That should not be excessive , but then it’s Gaijin code we are talking about!

Did you?

If only there was a way for you to check…

I don’t care if you did or not. But it’s not gonna change anything by doing it on here… So if you want it changed like you said then do it yourself

If you don’t care then why even bother asking? It will be be resubmitted when and if I want to, and I still don’t think you even read it.

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Thank you for finding photographic evidence of the 2000lb bomb on an Australian Beaufort. I was far from finished searching for sources, but hadn’t seen it on a specifically Australian source until now.
Is it possible to do a bug report via the websites without having the game on your PC? (I’m a console player). I was considering doing it myself, along with the two wing mounted 250lb bombs this would actually give the Beaufort some good options. Either destroying bases or nuking some low tier tanks.
Currently the RAAF Beaufort in game has a weaker loadout than the Wirraway! And getting the nicer torpedoes couldn’t hurt either.
I need to add, the Beaufort Mk VIII is ALSO missing it’s wing mounted machine guns. These were 0.303s early but were upgraded to M2 Brownings later on. One in each wing. There’s a lot missing from the Beaufort Mk VIII, hopefully we can get most if not all added in.

Do the bug report on a phone? They are basically miniature tablets nowadays and it’s perfectly feasible although more fiddly. I finished and posted my Halifax bug whilst bored on a day out.

Could eachi error individually but I’m in no particular hurry as I’m also hunting down Lincoln and Brigand data as these are also missing stuff. .

Decided to stall while I search for 1000lb bomb evidence. It’s an obvious option between 500/2000 but nothing clearly states it’s use. In the meantime feel free to plagiarise my work as it will save me the bother. It’s all based on open sources anyway, albeit stuff that does not necessarily show up on the basic Google searches, with a lot of book reading thrown in for good measure.

I have seen nothing to indicate a mount for 1000lb bombs was devised on Beauforts. There was the possibility of a ventral turret and beam turret on the RAAF Beauforts as well though, also not in game.
Beam turret photo:


There’s nothing in the original loadout diagram for a 1000lb, but then neither was there for the larger diameter US 2000lb. It could be the British 2k SAP was a late addition for tackling heavy ships and a single 1k was never considered.

Even so it would make a good non-historical addition between the very different extremes. Weight isn’t an issue and the same attachment point could be used. I might pull up bomb options to see what could fit and throw it in as a hail mary. Gaijin might see it as a way to grind an extra mod.

For shiggles, he’s a photo of the “under defence gun” under the nose. These were not installed after the first few hundred Beauforts.

This writeup from ADF Serials covers a lot of it and cites all their official sources in doing so. There was also an experimental 0.50cal nose turret designed that doesn’t seem to have made it in to production so wouldn’t be suitable for War Thunder, but still.

I did consider adding guns to the list of errors but it was already getting convoluted with the two big bombs and the wing pylons. Also not helped by some configurations changing over time or not specific to the VIII variant in game.

Eventually decided to split bombs and guns apart. More work but oroieasier that way. And if you do it I can sleep on the subject…

I’m still not sure I know where to submit this type of report? Does this looks like the right place? Which category would it be?

Click on the Home page ‘Navigation’ drop down menu, there is an option to “report a bug” which will open a new page.

Then it’s simply time spent filling boxes.