Bring back the old forums

bring back the old forums please.


I would edit the post to add more info, but alas, i am constrained by the technology of my time.


Please bring back the old forums … this one’s atrocious!
all the various user’s contributions ~ gone
all the various user’s reports ~ squashed
all the functionality here is weird …
You just ruined my Monday …


Not going to happen.

You can see the old one here:(but it is read only)

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Let’s do a poll they won’t consider anyway.

While it wasn’t perfect it did look nicer…

Gaijin and their way to ‘fix’ things for the worse that don’t really need fixing…


What an horrible forum, it look like a Windows 95 template.

I hate it. I was searching for 5min where was the new forum that the devblog was speaking about, but, I were already on it even if I didn’t know.


This is just straight-out downgrade.

Usability is awful, when writing a response I can see only a few lines of the previous post, there’s no edit feature, there’s no emoji selector, there’s no option to react to the post with anything other than likes (give us downvotes, or something!!!), everything is huge, as if designed only for the people with visual impairment (font-size: 18px)…except for when you write a response, then the font is normal (font-size: 15px) so it clearly wasn’t designed with visually impaired in mind, there are no signatures, all of the old credibility is gone, all of the old content is gone (history of the forums is its most precious assets, what you did is like buying up social media and deleting everything that was ever posted there, even Musk wasn’t that short-sighted), my god… what a failure.

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I am confused from this new forum
It looks bad and is confusing
Yes the old forum was far from perfect, but it looked decend and was pretty easily navigated throu