Bring back Lorraine 155 Mle.50

This French rank 3 premiun only was available during WW2 Chronicles event in 2018. Aftert this he never come back in events, store or for buy with golden eagles, so why not bring back again???
I think is a very interesting and fun vehicle to play and good addition due the lack of rank 3 vehicles for France.
Screenshot - 2023-11-09T082251.264


I forgot this even existed

This and the Surblinde!


Why would you want it?

I dont know, maybe for play it???

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Yesterday i got this from a chest so it is still optainable

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Is was added in this event.

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You’ll only ever do that once.

I’d happily sell you mine if I could!

I dont hink so. You mostly play Arcade and i play RB, i can tell you in RB that tank can perform very well.

Finally !!!

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