Brigada X "Guzmán el Bueno"

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Brigade X is a versatile, powerful and resolute unit that combines the historical tradition of its units with the modernity offered by the latest generation materials at its disposal. To these means we add an extensive experience in exercises and missions in international scenarios, Eurocorps, NATO, Bosnia-Herzegovinia, Kosovo, Iraq, Lebanon or Latvia.
It is not easy to serve in this Brigade. We offer many professional opportunities, but for that we need your effort, commitment, dedication, spirit of sacrifice and we demand your pride for belonging to our Army and being able to serve Spain wearing the black beret.
In our 35 years of history we have proven to be one of the most powerful and decisive units of our Army and we are ready, prepared and enlisted to be put at the disposal of the operational structure of the Armed Forces and to be deployed when and where the Spaniards need it.
For this reason, the motto that adorns our coat of arms “Be strong in war” guides the daily preparation and performance of our units.