Breda Ba.65 Tipo Chile - The special modification for Chile

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Ba.65 Tipo Chile



  • In 1937 Chile bought 20 Breda Ba 65 in Italy, 17 single-seaters and 3 two-seaters, Chile decided to buy mostly the single-seater version since its neighbors had mostly two-seater fighters and Chile needed modern fighters to deal with them. Chile asked the company to have their Breda Ba 65s modified asking for the Piaggio P.XI R.C.40 14-cylinder engine to be installed and for the Italian-made Breda-SAFAT machine guns to be replaced with Danish Madsen 12.7mm machine guns and 7.62 mm caliber which in those years were the standar of the Chilean aviation. The 3 two-seater Bredas were known as Ba.65Bis and carried an extra 7.62mm machine gun in an M-type turret for the gunner at the rear of the aircraft, which was later removed as the turret was heavy and complicated to use, so the 3 two-seaters were Converted to single seater too. These planes could carry anti-personnel bombs of 20 x 10 kg or 4 x 50 kg general purpose bombs inside the bomb bay located behind the pilot’s seat. In this way, after the aircraft were converted to the variant requested by Chile, they came to have the special name Ba.65/65Bis Tipo Chile (Type Chile). Finally, after a few years and the outbreak of the Second World War, it was impossible for Chile to get spare parts for these planes, including Castrol motor oil, thus generating several accidents that led to the loss of some of these planes, and thus in 1942 they were taken out of service.


  • Crew:
    • 1
  • Armament:
    • Primary: 2x Danish Madsen 12.7mm machine guns, 2x Danish Madsen 7,62mm machine guns
    • Secondary: 20 x 10kg anti-personnel bombs or 4 x 50kg general-purpose bombs
  • Dimensions:
    • Length: 9.9 m
    • Wingspan: 11.9 m
    • Height: 3.10 m
    • Wing Area: 23.50 m²
    • Empty Weight: 2,400 kg (100 kg lighter than the Fiat A.80 and K.14 engines)
    • Maximum Takeoff Weight: 3,150 kg
  • Performance:
    • Powerplant: Piaggio P.XI R.C.40 14-cylinder, 1,000 h.p. at 5,000m driving a Piaggio variable-pitch propeller.
    • Maximum Speed: 430 km/h
    • Cruising Speed: 350 km/h
    • Range: 550 km
    • Maximum Service Ceiling: 6,300 m



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Yes for Italy and then if It Will be ever present for an south american tt +1

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From what I understand, that Piaggio engine was not used much despite being somewhat better than the other 2. Do you know if it was like that?

In Italian service there were few with this engine. I don’t rember exactly the parameters I have to’ re-ceck

were you able to get any information about the engine? It will also serve some general information about this aircraft model

During my visit to the Chilean Aeronautical Museum I came across the turret that could be installed in the rear of these planes. I share with you some photos I took detailing the turret and the position for the gunner.

my collect specification about Chile Ba.65bis
Breda Ba.65Bis
unkonwn hp Piaggio P.XI RC.40 引擎(1,000 hp at 5,000 m)
Max speed 475 km/h
2× 7.65 mm Madsen machine guns, 2× 11.35 mm Madsen machine guns, 1x 7.65 mm Madsen flexible machine gun.
20x 10kg bombs 或 4x 50kg bombs
description: 1937年意大利出口了20架Ba.65飞机给智利空军,其中17架单座战斗机,3架双座攻击机。之后智利空军使用P.XI RC.40发动机替换了原来的发动机,并且更换了飞机上的武器。按照意大利布雷达公司的标准,换装P.XI RC.40发动机的Ba.65应该称之为bis型。
Wing span: 12.10 m
Length: 9.30 m
Height: 3.20 m
Wing area: 23.50 m²
Empty weight: 2,400 kg
Total weight: 2,950kg
Ceiling: 6,300 m
Range: 550 km
Crew: two