Brazilian Inscriptions " A COBRA ESTÁ FUMANDO..."

This Allied Inscription " A COBRA ESTÁ FUMANDO…" can be added in-game to be purchased for Golden Eagles (200 GE) or Mission won or Players defeated quests.

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On August 9, 1943, the Brazilian Expeditionary Force (FEB) was created, headed by General João Batista Mascarenhas de Morais. The FEB adopted as a symbol the drawing of a snake with a pipe in its mouth, accompanied by the phrase "A Cobra Vai Fumar " (The snake will smoke). It was a response to critics who, given the slowness in forming the FEB — about two years between the declaration of war on Germany and the enlistment of the soldiers — said that it was easier for the snake to smoke than for us to fight in Europe.


In the second half of 1943, Brazilian officers had traveled to the United States to familiarize themselves with American military methods and tactics. The soldiers, who became known as squares, began to be trained at the beginning of the following year.

The first group of Brazilian soldiers, made up of around five thousand men, led by General Zenóbio da Costa, disembarked in Italy. There they joined troops from the US Fifth Army, part of the 10th Allied Army Group.

The first Brazilian victories took place in September 1944, with the capture of Massarosa, Camaiore and Monte Prano. At the beginning of the following year, the soldiers participated in the conquest of Monte Castelo, Castelnuovo and Montese.

By February 1945, five echelons would arrive in Italy, along with about 400 men from the Brazilian Air Force. In all, FEB had a staff of just over 25,000 people.


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