Brake Hook

Good Evening. I have a question. How to activate Brake Hook on Carrier-Based aircraft. I tried all. But no results.

It should automatically deploy when approaching an aircraft carrier when you pull down the gear. Not sure if there is a seperate keybind for it though.

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Only aircraft historically based on aircraft carriers have a landing hook.
For example, the American F4F/F6F series or the British Seafire.
The hook is visible under the elevator…
Which aircraft have you tried it with?

IRL some land based a/c use it and arrestor wires are fitted on runways - F-16’s , F-104, Tornado, and others - eg see this suggestion for examples:
Add arresting gear to land-based airfields (Repost from old forum).

Sometimes at airports that are also used by civil aircraft - to which they represent a hazard - eg see Runway Arrestor Gear Systems | SKYbrary Aviation Safety