Br sidam 25

After the last update made to the post war tank BR, there was a problem for those few vehicles that were not affected by the change. An example is the SIDAM 25 (whose BR remained 8.3), before you could play it in a formation with 8.7 BRs (which is no longer possible because in the Italian TT there are no longer 8.7s) now instead the Br is close to its are 8.0 and 9.0, understand that if I play it with 8.0 I risk ending up against 9.3 if I play it with 9.0 I risk ending up against 10.0. So in both ways an imbalance situation is created, I reasonably believe that the BR of the SIDAM 25 must be lowered to 8.0, to make this vehicle usable again also because it always remains a SPAAG without Radar and with a very limited anti-tank capacity