Br changes of the leopard 2 prototype family

in the recently anounced br changes the leopard pt-16/t14 is going up in br, but the almost identical leopard 2k wil stay at its current br.

I dont really agree with this change as the leopard 2k and pt-16/t14 are almost completely identical, Except for the turret design, the removal of a roof mounted 20mm, and the exchange of a manual loader to a 4 second auto loader for the pt-16/t14.

In my opinion the leopard 2k should go up with all other leopards or the pt-16/t14 should stay the same br as the 2k as in my opinion the pt-16 doesnt give enough advantages to warrant a higher br.

i expect this change was probably made as the pt-16/t14 is a event vehicle and likely performs better than it’s techtree counter part because more experienced players play it than its techtree equivalent.

i wanted to write this suggestion in the forum post about the planned br changes but i sadly dindt have the time to write and now the ability to reply to that post has been disabled.