BR Changes coming to naval

Planned BR changes for naval. Thoughts?

Fleet Arcade Realistic Comments
was now was now
Ryany 3.7 4.0 3.7 4.0
Besposhchadny 3.7 4.0 3.7 4.0
IJN Isuzu 5.0 4.7 5.0 4.7
Kerch 5.0 5.3 5.3 5.7
Admiral Hipper 5.7 6.0 5.7 6.0
Prinz Eugen 5.7 6.0 5.7 6.0
USS Arizona 6.7 7.0 6.7 7.0
HMS Marlborough 7.0 6.7 7.0 6.7
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Good for the Isuzu, at 4.7 is more useful. About the Kerch at least now is at the same br of her sisters (Eugenio di Savoia and Montecuccoli).

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For AB - Eugen and Hipper are really not good enough for 6.0 IMO, while Marlborough at 6.7 will quickly be OP.

Arizona at 7… meh … yeah probably - that awful reload rate makes it pretty undesirable, but 12 x 14" means it shouldn’t be lower than BB’s with 12 x 12"!!

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I really hope Kerch and her sisters in Italian TT both stay at 5/0/5.3, That was really unfair in 5.7 with other heavy cruisers, especially they only have 8*152mm guns.


well I left naval after the recent hull breaking changes but that malboro is gonna win me back at least for a few battles. Generally as usual, the naval changes can be divided to: needed, weird and forgotten.

First 4 are definietely needed, not gonna elaborate on that.
Eugens to 6.0? alright, so the best 5.7 is gonna be the 2nd worst 6.0? I mean alright but weird.
Arizona to 7.0 needed but nevada is very much on par with it. Both are better or equal to Alaska and much better than wyoming and texas.
Marloboro is straight up weird. Like you telling me that ship is worst than renown, alaska, kongo? that it is comparable to lorraine, wyoming, texas?
Speaking of lorraine, is the 6.7 even fit for that ship? what about paris and dupleix? What about myoko being lower than tone? are we gonna see 7.3 anytime soon since the 6.7 and 7.0 are getting more compressed with each update?

I guess we will see what 2nd round of changes bring to us.

Well Marlborough got recent ‘heavy’ nerf in penetration and it is actually having problem with anti-air and anti-torpedo protection. That would be the reason.

Better than Alaska? Interesting. With only few unloading shell Alaska seems to be just better in every ways. Well I agree with Arizona and Nevada at 7.0 but when most of current 7.0 ships went to 7.3. It seems too early to Arizona and Nevada to go 7.0

Arizona is one of the best BB, best armor, best gun( yes I know some of players complain about the reload time), when it is angled, nothing can beat it.

Best gun? Haha. Fuso, Ise, Kronshtadt, Alaska, Scharnhorst will laughing at it. First three has better reload, much better fuze delay time, Alaska having much better trajectory while having half reload, Scharnhorst has less penetration but much better reload time. Sluggish reload, average fuze delay of 0.035 seconds, not so shining penetration makes this one of the worst battleship gun.

For armor, when angled, nothing can beat it? There are almost no battleship in War Thunder that can be easily beated when angled. Only Ise maybe? Actually Arizona is one of worst when angled because she has three shell room on barbette above main armor, where angling doesn’t work at all. Also her sluggish mobility makes hard to reverse when fast capital hips like Scharnhorst, Kronshtadt or Alaska intrudes to your side and neutralize those ‘angling’

Arizona is actually very hard target for most of 6.7 battleships. But in 7.0, she is one of the easiest prey that high firepower capitalships wants to kill.

How dare could these ships Arizona, None of them could pen 438mm at 10000m. The only one that could reach this level is alaska. Scharnhorst? lmao, is the worst one, the only way for scharnhorst to kill Arizona is by suicide charging and lauch the torpedoes. about IJN’s 14-inch guns, the distribute is the worst…

Whatever Scharnhorst/kronshtadt or Alaska angling maybe could improve their survival ability, but not enough, Kronshatadt needs a very big angle so that its third main turret could fire, Sharnhorst’s front armor is only 150mm so when its angling, it will become much more ez to cause ammunition explosion at the first turrunt.By the way,Kronshatadt and alaska has only 220mm armor I don’t expect what can ithey do. IJN’s BBs armor is 100% joke in this game because of the first 2 turrets…

shell room still has 330mm armor, so it doesn’t matter, even the shell room is damaged, it just reduce about 5% crew members and can’t fire anymore, but most of the time the shell room will be destroyed by short-range shot.

about mobility?Arizona doesn’t need that, just stop at there and keep a long-range over 10000m, nothing could damage it when it is angling.

I don’t know how you get the conclusion that in 7.0, Arzona is the one the easiest prey. nobody wants to challenge it unless someone wants to die 3 times and no respawn point to get a bomber.

I’m not sure how much you’ve played the Scharnhorst, but I have very little problem detonating the ammo of an Arizona at any range, and it’s pretty easy to close with a ship that can’t outrun you and can only fire once every 45 seconds.

American ships have a huge problem with vulnerable ammo racks whether it be from plunging fire or close range fire. It takes 1-2 shots at close range to destroy most American ships including the Arizona. They are much better at long range, but then you can’t hit much, and a miss from a ship with a 45 second reload is a lot more devastating than a miss from a ship that has a 17-20 second reload.

The Arizona isn’t a bad ship, but until more BR’s are added, this is just rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.

It’s pretty simple, you can just check my record, all of players name in this forum is real, just type the name and you can find it, and most of times I played RB, I can’t remember how many times I played that after Arizona armor was buffed.

During my time on playing Arizona, I just been killed by 2 times, one is from bomber, and the one is from Torpedoes( you can see my record in RB)

Lmao, who cares about BB win rate, you can camp 3 points by boats and get 99% win rate . if a player can’t be a good sniper, what can I expect them to do? maybe just KS and kill the bots. never mind, off-the-topic is the best way.

and you get 33% win rate, not 99% win rate, great.

TY, I really want to get 1% win rate but I can’t, too many rate love camp the point.

I will never get why they don’t do separate BR changes for each mode as while a few changes here make sense there’s many critical changes still missing from these general posts that could be better handled if they did posts per mode then implement it all at once.

Sure the cruiser Isuzu is a splendid sight going down in BR but how about the cruisers Kuma & Sendai? They could easily be 4.7 ships due to being quite weak 5.0 ships.

A critical change still missing from the past four changes is the Project 204 corvette? It SHOULD be a 4.0 as it’s far to low being a 3.7 vessel as the 57 mn cannons rip apart everything.

Hell I could see the Tacoma class going down in BR as is at 3.3 is horrendous yet no changes in the works. (probably be a bit to late to comment on the post but like all the other times the feedback is pointless unless it’s a capital ship it seems).

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I’m surprised they didn’t touch Renown’s BR, perhaps they would rather fix her historical inaccuracies instead? One can always dream.

Marlborough going down to 6.7 is reasonable due to the massive nerf on the penetration. Kinda funny Gaijin even once made a video comparing some record holders in naval and listed Marlborough as the one with best penetration… Not anymore.

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I feel sorry for the hipper player because every match will be almost on BB, and the hyper loves to explode after one shot back or front

What you’re saying is not true, scharnchorts at the moment is classing every ship, I have an ace and a kd 8.0 on it myself, and I can tell you playing Germany or Japan that American BBs and ships in general, like to explode from the magazine and it doesn’t matter if it’s arizona or alaska, I play scharnchorts, I died maybe from the magazine a few times and mainly from a fire, I can even describe to you how my last game looked like, I play Scharnchorts, Alaska swims for 10km, shoots at me, I just turn to face her and blow up her magazine with one shot without even aiming.

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Alaska and Arizona are not the same things, most of time Arizona will only have a shell room explosion, which can’t even reduce the crew numbers, just when it is fixed up, the turret can’t fire anymore. Alaska most of the time is an ammunition explosion, which well kill this ship immediately. I can tell you sometimes a 1000kg bomb directly hits Arziona’s turret can’t kill it, the shell room just like an ERA makes this ship very tough.

And you know that more than once I threw 2 1800kg bombs at the scharnchorts and they didn’t do anything to him, this is just a game bug, because the superstructures of the ships catch the bombs and they don’t do anything, this is most evident with fuso, it doesn’t mean that your ship is durable, it’s just absurd wt, because no ship can withstand a central hit of 2x1800kg