BR change for the T-55A and T-55AM-1

Compared to all other 8.0 tanks the T-55A is quite frankly better. I know this because I use it and I stomp with it at 8.0. All other 8.0 tanks have either a stab or decent APFSDS, not both at the same time like the T-55A has.

In addition to moving the T-55A to 8.3 it could get a researchable kontact 1 ERA mod (if it needed it). To replace the 8.0 T-55A, a new addition to the tech tree could be a first production “T-55” with no roof MG and limited to APDS while also keeping the stab.

I think this would be a better option and would allow a more gradual technological progression in this BR range.

Moving on to the premium 8.3 T-55AM-1, performance wise it is identical to the T-55AMD in the tech tree which is 8.7. It carries the same ammo and LRF and so on.

The only difference being that one has limited hard kill APS while the other has composite cheek armor. If you ask me that is a fair trade off and shouldnt result in two different BR’s.

Keep in mind these changes also help spread out the tech compression that tanks experience in the 6.7-8.7 BR range. Obviously this wont solve the whole issue but it at least helps a little until gaijin properly addresses this like they have promised in their recent summer road map.


The T-55AM-1 is definitely too strong at 8.3 and should go to 8.7. It’s better than the AMD at 8.7 as well, since the turret composite works against KE as well. The armour, stabilizer, LRF and BR-412D are just too for 8.3.
The T-55A is completely fine at 8.0 though, it really only has the stabilizer going for it. 3BM25 is kind of mediocre and it has horrible gun handling. Other 8.0 MBTs like the Turm 3, Vickers Mk 3 and M60A1 (AOS) are way better.

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3BM25 is put into service 15 years later than T-55A, and there are possible replacements. T-55A should stay at 8.0 with 3BM25 replaced by 3BM19 and 3BM20. These two are Shots comparable (in design) to the 3BM3 and 3BM4, which the underperforming T-62 current uses at 8.3.

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Feels like a standard case of the player-statistics-based BR system failing.

It’s probably the strongest vehicle at 8.3 (The T-55AM-1), but it’s also a premium in the most played ground tech tree, so its users on average aren’t utilizing all of the vehicle’s strength properly.

On paper it looks a lot weaker than it actually is, so it sits at 8.3.

I think the T-55A should be at BR 8.3 or 8.7 and the T-55AM-1 should be at the same BR as the Leopard 1A1 (8.7 or 9.0) because they are very good tanks that have good armor, good over all survivability, good mobility and good firepower apart from reload which is a bit longer than other tanks on the same BR

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It is what I said in another post, you have to make a change of the BR of all the tanks separately, not upload all the tanks at the same time.
With the issue of the T-55 I would do a simple thing, leave the T-55A in the BR where the 3BM25 is being removed and add the 1981 T-55 with a slightly higher BR adding the 3BM25 and also give the 3BM25 it’s real penetration, since it’s impossible to drill the same as the APDS when it’s much more modern, after that give the T-55AM1 and AMD a higher BR than the 1981 model. But like I said, if you change the BR of those tanks, the BR of many more tanks would have to be changed so that they could face equivalents from the same era, for example T-55A vs M48A3 and M60, T55 (1981) vs M60Aa, and thus put more tanks or less the same time to make a good historical balance, that after all the best balance made is the historical one since the arms race tends to equalize.

First sentence and you are already wrong.
To give simplest example, M60A1 AOS and Vickers Mk.3 are much better than T-55A, they are actually better compared to T-55AM-1 (and still have turn out to be overall better).

No an argument or evidence. You are also lying, your performance in soviet tanks is generally lower than what you maintain in NATO vehicles including T-55A

Show how much you know since T-55A does not have decend APFSDS, 3BM-25 is one of the weakest APFSDS rounds in game and does not represent significant improvement over 3BM-8 APDS which itself is not as good as 7.7 NATO 105mm APDS, meanwhile NATO tanks that carry APFSDS at 8.0 have at least something comparable to 3BM-21 or DM23 (or better) which is equivalent to soviet 3BM-22 seen first on 9.0 tank.
You are also ignoring all the issues that T-55 have as a platform, it’s not M60A1 so it’s not protected from 105mm APDS seen on 7.7 tanks, it’s one of the least mobile tanks of it’s BR, it have one of the longest reloads on it’s BR, it have no rangefinder, it have no gun depression, it have one of the worst turret traverse at it’s BR.

T-55A or T-55 (differences between those tanks are not modeled in game) limited to 3BM-8 is at most 7.7 tank and is still inferior to British 7.7 MBTs and is at best on par with rest of NATO MBTs at that BR.

T-55AM-1 is not 8.7 material and never was, it was below average 8.3 tank at introduction but due to massive powercreep benefiting NATO trees it’s now one of the weaker 8.3 tanks.
T-55AMD-1 is just overtiered.

Armour is better than APS and T-55AMD should have lower BR than it does now. It’s worst 8.7 vehicle in game currently and would not even make for average 8.3.

Changes you propose would only weaken the soviet tree while not helping with compression at all as those issues are caused by undertiered NATO vehicles not usually overtiered soviet ones.

M60A1 AOS is better vehicle than T-55AM-1, Vickers Mk 3 is better vehicle than T-55AM-1 so is Turm III, Chieftain Mk.3, Rooikat Mk. 1D, Olifant Mk.1A, STB-1, Type 74 C, AMX-30B2 (both of them), Strv 104, Ikv 91-105, Magach 6R/Hydra, Sho’t Kal Gimel.
T-55AM-1 was acceptable if below average 8.3 at introduction and there was a lot of power creep for NATO vehicles in it’s BR range since then.

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Damn you talk about the T55AM1 while you have the T55A and the AMD.

The Turm 3 is undertiered but that isnt an excuse.

The T-55AM-1 is one of the best tanks around the br its op even.

The M60A1(AOS) is nowhere near as op at it

Also by checking your acc soviet vehicles are op as you have like 860 deaths in the BVM while having 1870 kills

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Yes, I can evaluate tanks based on their capabilities, it’s rare skill here.

It’s just example of lower BR NATO vehicle being better than higher BR soviet one, it’s very coomon.

You are just wrong, it’s bad, always have been and is only getting worse as time goes on as more and more OP NATO vehicles are added at too low of BR.

It’s better, it have better ammunition, better better armour in downtier (and at BR or in uptier they are the same), better gun depression that not only make you able to shoot from safer positions but make your armour better, it have better reload speed, it have better mobility, it have better gun handling.

Soviet vehicles are generally subpar and overtiered, it’s just that massive BR handouts cause skill rot in NATO players and once the soviet vehicles go from “effectively useless” state they are in Ranks 5 and 6 to “barely usable” at top tier, they don’t know how to deal with them.

there you go the M60A1(AOS) is worse in pen in everything except for 60 degress

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oh wow 3BM25 really does have worse angled pen than M728, didn’t realise that myself.

In a way, I suffered something from the T-55AM1 and I think I understand when they say that it is OP, but I think it is before, before the APDS increased their penetration, the M392A1 could not pierce the T-55AM1 in front of what many The NATO tanks of BR7.7 were at a disadvantage against him, that’s why I suffered something with the Israeli tanks in 7.7 and when I met one I didn’t have much hope, but I am also clear that the T55AM1 in his BR is nothing like the other either In the world, any NATO tank with APDS-FS pierces it like butter, added to the fact that many at that level have less armor but more speed, with which the T-55 has a great disadvantage. What I would summarize would be that the T-55AM1 is very good when you’re undetiered (I don’t know how it is now with the APDS buff), but it’s very weak when you’re overtiered.

For some time now penetration at 60º is more important than at 30º or 0º, as the M728 drills more at 60º, it is simply better than the 3BM25, although I am quite convinced that the penetration of 3BM 25 in the game is not correct, since it is impossible for it to drill the same as the 3BM8.

also the T-55AM1 is getting a reload buff aswell now

M728 APDS is better than any ammunition than any soviet T-55 have, you also, as is typical, ignore better turret traverse, better gun depression and faster reload speed.

Still have faster turret traverse, much better gun depression, better reload and obscenely better ammunition
M111/DM23 have massively higher penetration than 3BM-25, we are talking about DM23 having 50 to 70% more penetration depending on range.

Yes, those are light tanks that make for better medium/MBT than T-55AM-1.

Better gun depression, better turret traverse, better rate of fire while having very similar ammunition. not enought for higher BR but absolutely not deserving lower.

Magach is M60 with ERA, so less protection than M60A1 but better ammunition, much better ammunition.
For Strv 104, all the things related to rate of fire, ammunition and gun handling are better.

You are just wrong, and I listed 8.0s to make a point, there are better NATO 8.0 tanks, and not just better for BR/relative to their BR, straight up better tanks with lower BR.

  1. Wrong topic.
  2. Yes, because they are better in everything that actually matter.

I know, you can shoot at the front of the tower where it doesn’t have added armor, but if it’s moving or you have to shoot it quickly because you just found it, it’s always possible that you hit it a little to the side and The armor stops it, instead with APDS-FS you shoot it almost without aiming.

Oh so you just evaluated that the merkava Mk.3s were better than a T-80BVM
Along with the IPM1 and M1A1. The Merkavas are way worse in everything the M1A1 and IPM1 are also a decent bit worse

Guys, just check aja318 on Thunderskill. You will quickly realize that there is no point in arguing with this guy. He has total of 37k+ battles played exclusively with russia. In all his playtime he never even touched a different techtree. XD

This is so incredibly wrong it’s amazing.

The Vickers Mk 3 is not better than the T-55AM-1. It has a LRF (so does T-55), NVDs (so does T-55), APDS (T-55 has APFSDS, APDS and ATGMs), worse armour (practically none) which it sacrifices for decent mobility (but still similar traverse speeds and acceleration to the T-55). Very much not comparable, especially as the Vickers is 8.0.

Have you played the Olifant? Worse mobility (>3t less hp/t than the T-55AM-1) and manoeuvrability, APFSDS has similar pen, much worse armour (only 76mm on the front, no composites at all. Similar situation on the turret), and then they are the same wrt their technology (NVDs, stab., LRF). The T-55AM-1 is so much better it is incredible.

Rooikat Mk 1D isn’t comparable to the T-55, they are radically different designs and have different play styles that you can’t just compare them like this.
Same with the IKV. Not comparable.

How are the STB and Type 74 better? They are 8.0, only have APDS, much worse armour, etc. The only things they have above the T-55AM-1 are mobility (doesn’t mean they’re better though) and they also have a LRF and NVDs. They are worse than the T-55AM-1.

I’m not going to comment on the Magach/Strv 104 because I haven’t played them but I know you’re also wrong there as well. And yes, Turm III also needs to go up in BR, it’s under-BR’d.

The T-55AM-1 is just a better 8.3 than most (and you’ve listed some 8.0s for some reason). Deal with it.

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Yeah the STRV 104 is really slugish the only thing really going for it is its apfsds and ERA