Br balance for F15A

Hello everyone, the F15A is currently weaker in every aspect compared to the su27 and almost all current Rank 7 aircraft. Owning AIM9M already gives it a br of 12.3, so I suggest deleting the F15A’s AIM9M and even AIM9L and replacing it with AIM9j if necessary, this will give them a relative br of around 11.7. The flight performance of the three F15As does not seem to be a big problem as the MIG23 can handle them in specific situations, plus the frequent wing breaks at low G forces will make them difficult to handle even facing previous generation aircraft/ let me know what you think


Agree, I suggest F15A need to change their BR to become 11.7, to be honest it only slightly better than F-4S.
At least F-4S will not rip off the wing at 11G.

I am very disappointing to this update again, they ruined the eagle’s name, by release them into a wrong timeframe.

F15 airframe is really strong, it have a world record of pulling 15-20G

Thanks for saving my money in this Christmas.


It has more missiles than F16C but less mobility. 12.0 would be fair

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hm…but when it compared to F14A, it even worse.

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To be honest, I think give them AIM-9L, or AIM-9J will better, if they decrease the BR


Because its the fastest jet in the game by far. Most 11.3s are going to be rendered unplayable now as they will only See F-16C, F-15As. Su-27s, etc etc. It will destroy everything in a downtier already, and you want to lower it?


The Eagle is far from being complete. Let’s wait till further into the dev server before making claims like this.

Plus, AIM-9Js at 11.7 would be the death of the Eagle even more than now.


Let pull the High G turn to escape its chase, it will rip it wing off anyway lol


The wing rip issue has already been reported and is being investigated.

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Wait, 1 more thing now I remember, F15A didn’t have built in countermeasures, why will the game have it, hm…
In history, I remember F15A loadout is with 9Js, 7E-2s, and no flares

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This community is wild.


The F-15A currently in game is a later model F-15A MSIP, circa mid 80s


Yes, then please change the name back to F15A MSIP

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Wait, what? No… God no… Wtf kind of suggestion is this, you want to take away the 9Ms? It has wing rip issues… That’s about it. I wish it turned a little more but that’s something they can fix if need be… You want to cripple it even more by removing the best missiles in the US line up, allowing it to fight back? What even is this suggestion???


Let’s get the Eagle finished first.

Agree, but we need to check the cockpit to know if it is a MSIP too

I agree. 1970s F-15A with AIM-7F and AIM-9J. Put it at 11.0 or something.

Took 6 months for the Tornados wing rip issues to be fixed. Definetly wont be fixed day 1 of the dev server. but im sure it will be soon

(and there is evidence of some other issues, or some new engine thrust mechanic or something as well, because several jets are wing ripping from jsut flatline speed, like the Torandos and Phantoms apparently. So might not be F-15 specific currently)

US mains cried so hard, they brought out the ADF… Just saying XD

Jesus the level of copium today around the F-15 is crazy. Wtf happened to US mains. The F-15A needs to be 12.7 along with the other F-15s and the Su-27s. Is it the best dogfighter? No. But it’s not a gotdam dogfighter. You want a dogfighter, use one of the many F-16s or the F-18 that is undoubtedly coming next update. It’s the second fastest aircraft in the game, with the second best IR missiles, hundreds of countermeasures, good A2G payload, and pretty good SARH missiles. Who the hell wants it to fight MiG-21s or F-4Es??? Or the absolutely insane suggestion of 11.0 without flares. Gonna have a lot of fun fighting an eagle with 10.0.

This is definitely going to get flagged but totally worth it. Use y’all’s brains.

If the F-15 turns out that bad once the wing rip issue is fixed, just add some AIM-7Ps or MHs. Problem solved. I doubt the J will struggle and if the Baz does give it Python 4s.