BOV-3 Fagot

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BOV-3 Fagot

History and Description

In the mid-1990s, the last 12 undercarriages of BOV-3 anti-air vehicles were not handed over to the client (Yugoslav People’s Army), but were taken by the Territorial Defence of Slovenia , and were converted into Fagot (9M111) anti-armor missile launchers. The conversion took place at the TAM factory in Maribor based on the ideas of the soldiers. The new smaller turret was divided into two parts: the 9P135 ATGM launcher with 9M111 missiles was placed on the right and the gunner was in the left part that was closed. The unit also had BOV-1 vehicles armed with Malyutka missiles. On June 4, 1995, both types of combat vehicles were used for comparative combat firing (within the scope of checking combat capabilities) at the Poček military training ground. In 2007, when the unit was disbanded, all mentioned vehicles were handed over to the Moste Technical Institute in the Franc Rozman Stane barracks in Ljubljana. By 2010 most of the 12 BOV-3 Fagot vehicles were destroyed at the Poček military training ground where they were used as practice targets. One was stored at Pivka military museum.


  • Essentials
    • Length; 5.76 m
    • Width; 2.53 m
    • Height without turret; 1.99 m
    • Ground Clearance; 0.33 m
    • Track; 1.90 m
    • Wheelbase; 2.75 m
    • Mass; less than 8.9 t
    • Driver and gunner NVD
    • Crew; 2 (could be 3 in-game)
    • Four-wheel drive (4x4)
  • Protection
    • Armor; 6-8mm (protects from 7.62mm)
    • APS; N/A
    • ERA; N/A
    • Smoke; N/A
  • Mobility
    • Engine; Deutz F6L413 6-cylinder diesel, 110 kW, 150 hp at 2650 rpm
    • Power/weight; more than 16.8 hp/t, 12.37 kW/t
    • Transmission; 1 reverse gear, 5 forward gears
    • Top speed; 93.4 kph
    • Cross-country; 40-45 kph
    • Amphibious; No
    • Gradient; 55%
    • Side slope; 30%
    • Vertical obstacle; 0.54 m
    • Trench; 0.64 m
    • Fording depths; 1.10 m
    • Turning radius; 10.0 m
  • Firepower
    • Main;
      • 9K111 Fagot (SACLOS)
        • 1x ready to fire
        • Penetration; 400 mm
        • Speed; 186 m/s
        • Max firing distance; 2,000 m
        • Ammo; unknown
  • Guidance;
    • Stabilizer; No
    • Vertical; unknown
    • Horizontal; 360°
    • Rotation speed; unknown
    • Zoom; 10x

Close-up of the turret (The glass structure above the driver’s hatch detaches before combat)

In Slovenian Army

In Pivka museum

BOV-3 Fagot next to BOV-1


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