Bouncing's missiles

shooting my TV guided missile at the enemy and as I watched it strike the tank right on the top of the turret only to watch it bounce off 10 ft behind the tank and do 0 damage. Is this how these missiles are supposed to act or might there be something wrong???

I’m a little stupid, so I don’t know what that is. But if it is classed as a guided “bomb” you need to select 0 second fuze

Yeah, that’s how everything that doesn’t explode on impact works, it’s even funnier when bombs bounce off water. As said you should set the timer to 0, the timer just makes the bomb worse against heavily armored vehicles

What is the missile/bomb used?
(I want i-game name of said weapon)

Looks like the Walleye I (AGM-62A) based on the fact that the launch aircraft was the A-4E.

Thanks, because it wasn’t AGM-65B to me.

Therefore, it is classified as a Glide Bomb, and the timer should be 0 or 0.5secs at best.