Boulton-Paul Defiant

I think that Gaijin should add the Boulton-Paul Defiant to the game, perhaps as an event vehicle/BP vehicle. This would be a really fun addition.


Yes. It should also come with ordinance options and an upgradable turret

They never carried any ordinance. They were only bomber-destroyers.

Fun like a root canal.

While at it, add the Fairey Battle too. Another highly successful british plane.

Actually, the Fairey Battle wouuld not be a total desaster at like BR 1.3 or such, but then it has basically the same function and bomb load as the Blenheim, and would likely feel a little like the Ki-32…
So that would work.

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The Defiant would be basically useless as anything other than a bomber chaser. That alone would not be a reason to not include it but the idea that it would be useful and fun to play is hardly backed up by evidence.

The aircraft could carry ordinance, but not a lot. Each wing could hang a Light Series Carrier, which could carry 4 x 20lb or 2 x 40lb bombs. The carriers were also used for smoke floats and dinghy packs when the aircraft was regulated to Air Sea Rescue. These were the only droppables the aircraft was cleared to use. The LSC could have fittings for a 100/250lb bomb but there’s no evidence I’ve seen that show Defiants ever carried such a bomb load.

The Battle could have a home in the game. It wouldn’t be great but at least it would be usable as a starter bomber, certainly no worse than some of the other options in the 1.x bracket.

It was terrible in reality ,will it suddenly work in the game ?

Knowing Gaijin, it will somehow be the most OP aircraft at its BR.


With how butchered aircraft turrets are it wouldn’t be a good plane as of right now.

But it would be a funny plane. Plus it unique which makes it a good addition.

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Hey I have my dad’s old WW2 cereal card album* that says the Defiant had 3 forward firing cannon… seriously (sic) - got to be a primary source, right?? :)

'* - the sort where you used to get a card in a box of cereal, and you could write away and get an album to stick them in

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I like using the schrage musik in game so this is like pretty much the same thing but you can aim them independently of the aircraft to a degree. But for general War Thunderiness… nay. They are hard to use.