Bosnian-Herzegowina Army emblem 1992/98

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In the Bosnian Independence War (1992/95) , the Army of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegowina (ARBiH) used to distinguish their vehicles from their foes:

  • the VRS army of Republika Srpska, the Bosnian-Serb break away state
  • the HVO army of Republic of Herceg-Bosna, the Bosnian-Croat separatist state

by simply applying an emblem inherited from their predecessorial Army, the Territorial Defence Force of RBiH, a paramilitary organisation established in 1969 serving as a supplement to the Yugoslav People’s Army, in the shape of a shield on which a diagonal white line is visible running from the upper left to the lower right dividing the shield in two dark blue parts, which each contains 3 yellow fleur-de-lys.
Yellow swords & a frame were alternately painted. It also served as the state emblem and national flag of RBiH between 1992/98

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The Bosnian Muslims used a bunch of vehicles originating from the USA/USSR such as :

-M36 Jackson
-M18 Hellcat
-Praga 53/59
-2S1 Gvozdika
-M47 Patton
-M-84 (T-72)







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