Bonus Golden Eagles when using Razer Gold and unique decals!

From the 22 (11:00 GMT) until 29 of June (14:00 GMT) you will get a bonus 10% or 20% of Golden Eagles when paying via Razer Gold!

25 000 + 5 000 =
30 000 GE

25 000 + 5 000 = 30 000 GE

10 000 + 2 000 =
12 000 GE

10 000 + 2 000 = 12 000 GE

You will get a bonus 10% of Golden Eagles when purchasing 5000 Golden Eagles or less via Razer Gold!

5 000 + 500 =
5 500 GE

5 000 + 1 000 6 000 GE

2 500 + 250 =
2 750 GE

2 500 + 500 3 000 GE

1 000 + 100 =
1 100 GE

1 000 + 100 1 100 GE

150 + 15 =
165 GE

150 + 15 165 GE

Also! You will receive a unique Razer decal for any War Thunder purchase via Razer Gold in Gaijin Store! There are 6 unique decals and each purchase made via Razer Gold will bring you a unique decal! Hurry up to collect them all!

New Razer decals

Razer - Bite decal

Razer - Fury decal

Razer - GG radar decal

Razer - Solid Shield decal

Razer - Thunder Strike decal

Razer - Unbreakable Heart decal

Please note that this payment method is not available in Japan, Portugal, Brazil, Turkey and Russia.

Also! Additional bonuses from the Razer Team for users from Hong Kong and mainland China!

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I’ve taken advantage of this promotion a couple of times in the past when it was offered. Razer was difficult to use in conjunction with Paypal. I had to do multiple smaller transactions because it seemed that anything larger than $40 was rejected by Paypal. That said, once the transactions were approved, everything appeared where it was supposed to and my 25,000 GE packs that I purchased gave me the advertised 30,000.

Dates are a little unclear. Did you possibly mean 22 June to 29 July?

Too bad it doesn’t work now even in countries where it should work.

Still not working.
The game is not yet listed on the razer website!

The way it works is you buy Razer Gold. Then you buy the GE from Gaijin using the Razer currency. When this happens, you get the bonus GE. You don’t buy GE from Razer. Razer is just a form of payment.

BTW, this is the WT link at Razer. The New Razer Gold & Silver

​1. Visit the War Thunder store.
2. Log in to your account.
3. Select the item you want to purchase and click ‘Buy.’
4. Select ‘Razer Gold’ as your payment method.
5. Log in to your Razer Gold account to complete the transaction.

Check the Razer page listed above. There is a code for a 10% rebate.

Love how Brazil is always forgotten by gaijin on everything they do.

When i click to link (The New Razer Gold & Silver)
: Content is not available in this region
But why ?
I am trying to do it from Hungary. I was able to buy this way in previous occasions, now I am excluded from the region or what ?!

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I have bought before so I know the procedure but this time it just doesn’t work. I already have 50 Razor Gold.

Sorry, that’s the link from the US. I don’t know what the Hungarian link is.

It’s not working for me either.
Feels like something is not connected correctly between the WT store and Razer

Selecting Razer Gold as payment method and logging in gives an error from Razor’s site:
“Your payment request could not be processed at this time. Please try again.”

I made a new Razer Gold account today to test it out, and successfully a little money on it.
I’ll try the WT store again tomorrow in case Razer is holding funds for security purposes or something

It doesn’t work for me either (from Germany). I already wrote a ticket to Razer Gold support about this, let’s see what they reply.


With every Razer Gold event so far there has been huge trouble aquiring Razer Gold for me. Razer and PayPal just dont seem to get along.

It´s unfortunate that Gaijin cant partner for their GE sale with a company who´s product actually works.

@Stona_WT a lot of complaints about the razer gold not working, why partner with something that doesn’t work as it should!


I was able to do it today and got my decal and extra gold. Also thanks for the code for the discount!

What region are you from? In Europe it’s not working even in the countries where it should work

I tried to buy Razer Gold multiple times as well, but the Paypal order gets revoked immediately and the site says card orders are not available in this region. Additionally, there is no option to redeem gift cards anymore.

This is farcical.

I tried to buy some GE with razedrgold (Gold balance is quite alot) but am unable to buy GE.

If i want to buy i recieve the following.

Any idea what going on?

Well, I got a call back from razer gold customer support.
I indicated that I was not the only one with a problem, I even linked to the forum, but all he does is print the standard technical text like a bot.
At least they sent a reply quickly, albeit with a forgetful response.

Gaijin is to blame. Razer no longer has this wallet system. Instead, there are pins that you redeem directly at the retailer. But Gaijin does not support that xD