Bombs nerfed?

yesterday I played arcade - previously a 500kg bomb was mostly sufficient to kill a destroyer, now often 2 of them don’t make the necessary damage. Even a frigate withstand a 500kg bomb. I observed this with german or russian and japanese bombs. They seem to be nerfed…


Nah - you probably jsut missed the optimum strike for the kill - still getting them with 500kg and 1000lb here.

maybe but such a number of non-kills didn’t happen before and I really play naval quite often

I think they nerfed bomb explosion effects when you miss…water seems to dampen even very large bombs. If you hit the deck, it doesn’t feel any different.

yes, that’s maybe a explanation. but I didn’t found information on this in the change-logs

I noticed it cause I liked to spacebomb with my He111 and this MAX bomb. Was always a pretty safe kill mechanic, but not anymore. You have to aim now …actually a good change.

Dunno about the true monsterbombs from Russians and Brits.


I saw this thread earlier an thought about it as I’ve survived a few bombs so far an just put it off to luck like always even pre 2.37.

But just now An I-185 used terrain to mask an attack an dove on my Buckley class DE blank range dropping two 250 kg bombs which landed both on the midship deck, Meanwhile they crash giving no credit to the kill but here’s me closing my eye’s as I think I’m doomed.

But no nothing happened an only a 5" turret was losted with like 3% crew lose with the ship staying at 90% crew, So I definitely now think there was a nerf recently.


in realistic mode i now can’t sink a destroyer with the 2X1000lbs bombs of the grumman avenger.

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100% expected kills with Soviet 500kg bombs from various a/c in Arcade last night - no issues at all.

Its the same with ground RB the 50kg bombs are like 25kg bombs and 100kg bombs feel like 50kg bombs

if you hit the ship directly it seems to make the same damage as before - but near misses seem to make much less damage now

It seems not only Bombs but also HE shell from ships got nerfed too. SKR’s HE now can’t even destroy open mount of german destroyers with one shot.