Bombs aren't exploding

Since a couple of months i have had a problem with boms - they are not exploding. I have tried with a lot of planes and i tried to use diffrent types of bombs - with no other resoult. Bombs just dissappear under the map (in normal games and in test flights too). I can’t turn the bombs-following camera either.
I’ll be very grateful for help.

You could try with a clean local save game. Be assured that your progress is saved on Gaijins servers, the local save game only contains client settings. Note that it contains keybinds so you will possibly need to use different keys for dropping bombs.

If on Windows backup (!) and then delete: %USERPROFILE%\Documents\My Games\WarThunder
Afterwards start the game and test bombs.

In case that doesn’t help, additionally backup and delete: %LOCALAPPDATA%\WarThunder
Then reinstall the game, I recommend unchecking “Full client” as the download size is much smaller.

You can revert any changes by simply restoring the backups.

I have tried several times your ideas… and no resoult. I have my WT installed on steam but i’m using gajin account .It’s actually working, but on my other steam account, that i don’t play on , bombs work there normally. On my main gajin account bombs are still not exploding.
Have you got any other ideas how to repair it?

I never had the steam version installed, but I know it from other games.

Potentially, under C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\STEAM_USER_ID\236390\ you might find some configuration files, backup and delete those. Replace STEAM_USER_ID with your steam account ID. 236390 is the War Thunder game ID.

In case Steam has cloud backup (not sure if this applies to War Thunder), disable it for the moment.
Right click game in Steam library → General → Steam Cloud to off

Not all steam games are the same, but it’s worth a try.

Yes! Finally it’s working. I reinstalled the game but this time I downloaded WT from official website. At first it still didn’t work but then i deleated %USERPROFILE%\Documents\My Games\WarThunder again, and it’s working. I hope it won’t happen again anymore, but now i know how to repair this weird problem.
Thank you very much for help! Now playing ground RB with plane makes a lot more sense.