Bomber exploding mid-air

Hello, recently when i fly a bomber and someone is attacking me my aircraft just explodes mid-air for absolutely zero reason at all. This is both in AB and RB and it is really annoying, this especially happens with the ME-264 even when my bombbay is closed. Is this normal? If yes, how do i prevent it? Thanks in advance!

Bombs can now be destroyed mid air or even on your aircraft since the update. If the enemy misses but hits your bombs then they’ll explode. I’m assuming enemy rounds are penetrating your aircraft and hitting your bombs and blowing them up so that’s why it keeps on happening. Can you do anything about it? Yes, don’t carry bombs.

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I knew this but is it now possible that they can explode in the bombbay? That would be weird and nerfs bombers even more.

This change is pretty stupid and weakens the bombers terribly


Yes - I realized this firework/total explosion of bombers if you hit center mass some time ago - but not from the receiving end. It happens mostly with very fast zoom climbs from below or in 90 degree dives on them. MG 151s with air target or Type 99 model 2 with universal belt show similar results.

And those guys had their bomb bay doors closed - i watched the replays from their perspective as i was curious what it hit to create such spectacular explosions.

Preventing? Get rid of bombs as fast as you can and avoid large bombers, it is very rare to see one of them surviving an Air RB match, might be better in Air SB, idk…

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