Bomber cockpit

Where are the bomber cockpit ? :( We still have generic cockpits but they are so old ! I wish soon we will have cockpits on others he 111 variants (He 111 H-16 that has his cockpit) B17, B29 would be cool tho.


They can’t earn money from them so they won’t add them, why add bomber cockpits when you can copy paste a vehicle and sell it for $60.


Creating new bombers cockpits takes too much resources (research, filling the gaps, modeling animating) and gaijin stated they will not Focus on making them. So do not expect them, but over time some might be added. Dont rise your hope tho.

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Haven’t they been placeholders for like half a decade at this point? The only time we got new cockpits is when players made them.

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They do not need too much ressources, He 111 cockpits are easy to do, they can do it easily

Gaijin don’t make because they won’t get payed.

That is gaijin statement, not mine, cant do anything about it.

This question pop-up every now and then in our Q&A.

Are bomber cockpits going to be developed further? I’m interested in the visualisation of steering controls. Fighters and assault airplanes have this, but bombers don’t. It seems a shame to be looking at a wooden yoke in SB that doesn’t move as the airplane does.

Answer: For dimensional prototypes of cabins – no, we have no plans for that. Only for separate cockpits, as is the case now.

3 years ago we were told that bomber cockpits were coming, can we expect them any time soon?

Answered by Kirill Yudintsev: We have implemented 2 of them. And we do not see any growth in their popularity. I was talking only about SB mode (but we also have statistics about usage of cockpits in RB mode).
I understand your feelings, but looks like that we are alone in this world :( Well, maybe there are hundreds of us, but most players even in SB do not care about cockpits for bombers.


From Q&A:

Bomber cockpits requires 2-5 time more work than creating a new plane even with single-seated cockpit.


Is that the excuse then? It’s too much work so we won’t do it? I can’t imagine many other games just leaving in placeholder content because they don’t want to put in the work.

It’s one thing for an average bomber anyways, but to not do it for the premium bombers you’re asking a lot of money for is insulting.


yes but I mean He 111 H3-H6 cockpits are close to the one ingame but just in lower quality and no wheel

At the beginning let’s make the bombers in the game sensible and playable, and not just maybe I will fly or maybe die after 3 minutes, and the cockpits should be made by the players and gaijn should give them something for it, the same as it was with the he111, in addition to that I would like gaijn to introduce community maps that players would vote for and the best maps, They would appear in the game, because everyone knows that Gaijn doesn’t know how to make maps.

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I couldn’t say better ! You said all.

Well… put it this way… it takes about one month to make a 3D fighter model from scratch, roughly about two months for a 3D bomber model…

It is about one month for a 3D / high detailed fighter cockpit

For light bombers at least, it is about two months for a 3D / high detailed cockpit

Now… for a B-17, you have something like 10-12 compartments including the 9 or so gunner stations, all of which would need to be modeled since you would see most of those compartments from the cockpit

So, a 3D / high detailed B-17 cockpit is very complex and very time consuming… it would take something like 15 months to two years+ to complete… maybe half that time if you put more artists into that project… meanwhile you drastically reduce development time for the game and resources for up to 2 years

So, really it is taking up a ton of resources for something that is not used that much nor do players really care about the details for something that they rarely use

Meanwhile that 15 months to 2 years of development time / and or removing one or two 3D artist for a single project, would be better used towards 10-24 other projects

So… even you can see what would be more worthwhile… it is not a question of too much work, it is more of a question of where or what would you better spend those resources on

Players are always welcome to make their own cockpits, that is what War Thunder. Live is for in the first place… players can make their own Aircraft/Tanks/Ships/whatever else and put it up on WT.Live, the same goes for other content such as 3D Cockpits, and if Gaijin Developers like what they see on WT.Live, then the Devs can contact those Authors/Content Creators to talk about using them in game

That is what the (RSP) Revenue Share support program is all about

Players can also share their own maps on Wt.Live, tho I do not think it is supported on the RSP ?

Then they shouldn’t still be called placeholders for one, since they are not, and with how neglected bombers have been for the last decade players have never been given a reason to care about bomber anything, let alone cockpits, which is a consequence of the neglect, not a cause to neglect them, which is the type of reversed logic that happens more in the game.

As for something like a B-17, I question if an instrument panel is 2 years of work.


And is it any wonder people do not use bomber cockpits when this is what it looks like? I’m fairly certain there aren’t even windows in this thing as I fail to see them.

This looks like cardboard, although that would probably do better than the current damage model on bombers anyways which is paper at best.

There surely is a middle ground between 2 years of development and just creating cockpits that aren’t offensive to be inside of.

And speaking of offensive, you pay $30 for this, half the price of a triple A game and this is what you get.

I do not expect Gaijin to spend 2 years on every cockpit, but I do expect Gaijin to put in some effort to make it look acceptable and have some standards for the game and themselves, I want them to take pride in their game and their product and feel shame when seeing the stuff they push and realize this extremely low bar has become an acceptable standard for them.

You’re not going to tell me that this is what cockpits have to look like and this is the best Gaijin can do and that the only alternative is 2 years of work to make this look like something other than this mess.


Gaijin: no, we need only low effort.

Gaijin hates bombers so don’t expect any quality


We need Quality, not Quantity…

Why not chill on how many vehicles Gaijin releases per year, and work on improving the hundreds of vehicles we already have? Along with general gameplay.

How many vehicles does one game need?


I understand the desire to make a completely detailed interior from what is visible, but this is obviously not practical and as you stated a general waste of resources. I dare say players can overall forgive lack of detail in some out of the way or hard to see areas as long as the panel in front of them and all relevant controls are modeled, with some details sprinkled around the immediate area. For example, the F-14’s copilot panel is not modeled at all, it is just blank. However, unless you are in VR or move the in game camera backward, you won’t see that. This does not mean that the modeler did not do a thorough job though, it shows that resources were focused on where it matters to the player. I believe this same process can be applied to all current placeholder cockpits.


Personally, I don’t know much about creating games, but I will give one example, the Il-2 1946, which has a lot of bombers and planes, each of them has a very detailed cockpit, everything in it works and can be damaged, the Il-2 is very an old game, but graphically after adding graphics mods it looks nice, the physical and visual damage model is several classes better than the previous one, jet engines can break in half or fall off, hulls break in different ways, various devices on the board break, etc. and in this game, which has several classes better technology and for this you can use AI that is coming to the market, it cannot make a cockpit for a bomber, it is ridiculous, of course, in my opinion, how could the creators of il-2 be able to do so much so quickly and so nicely , on such an old engine and limited technology?